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elephant-93103_640Exercise is a love hate relationship with most people. Some folks exercise to stay alive because their doctor told them that if they didn’t they would die. Then there are the body builders who do it to look good. I do it because it makes me feel better. I like exercise although sometimes its boring. Sometimes while at the gym, during the sets on the machines, I play word games with my daughter. Its really an online scrabble game. I enjoy it and it passes the time while I am waiting to do a set. When I was young exercise was unheard of except for Jack La Lane. He was the first real fitness trainer I think in the world that people could view every day in their homes. Playing was great then because you ran, rode your bike, walked to the store and generally remained physically fit. Today we are too afraid to let our children go out and play unless its at someone’s home or in a fenced area. Its sad that crime has caused parents so much fear that their children don’t have the opportunity to just have fun playing tag, hide and seek, or ball sports that are unorganized except by the children. In the old west the children did all those things and more. Many times they were responsible for feeding the livestock, gardening, walking to the store, lifting and carrying items and general help around the farm or ranch. Children who live on ranches now still do some of that work. Going to a gym is unheard of  for them. They are physically fit and get plenty of exercise every day helping their families and doing chores. In book twenty-seven, “Toby Saves the Day” the children are playing dodge ball on Main Street in front of Mary’s Cafe’ having a wonderful time when a mangy coyote approaches the group. Toby does save the day but it also shows that there were situations in the old west that required adult help and protection. When you are exercising or thinking about physical activities for your children, check out the Good Gus Series. I think you will like the positives in the books.

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