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Johnny The Cat and Bronco Ride That BullWhat is lying? Everyone seems to know particularly when they do lie. Even being deceptive or misleading is still lying. Every day we are confronted with lies. Sadly, it doesn’t matter who is doing the lying, but as the recipient, we don’t like it. I do believe that the white lie if its to not hurt someone’s feeling shouldn’t be classified in the lying department. If someone asks do I look too fat in this dress; do you think my new hair style fits my face or do you think I look too old for this style needs a white lie. It would be unkind to hurt their feelings particularly if they believe they look fabulous. That would be a huge blow to their self esteem. What is wrong with lying is that it is so common place. The man who flew from West Africa knowing full well that he had been exposed to Ebola, set off a chain reaction. He exposed people to the virus unnecessarily simply by lying. Many times people lie on their resumes or CV’s. Eventually, the human resource person finds the lie and then they are banned from that company and possibly many others for lying. I understand that its easier to make your work experience look better than it is, but at the same time if you land the job you could end being fired by lying about your experience. Have you also considered that when people lie, which includes both adults and children, to others to hurt them that it is a form of bullying? In the Good Gus Series, which of course is make believe, no one lies.  The twins, J.C. and Bronco, promise to do their chores and rush through them to go have fun, but they don’t exactly lie. I hope you will consider a book from the Good Gus Series to show children the values in the stories.

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