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172280_199730906705140_4578104_o1395911_688239657854260_1366515088_nI love hats. They really aren’t in fashion any more but I really think both men and women look wonderful in hats. Amal Clooney and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton have made hats stylish again. They both wear beautiful hats that frame their faces. Hats were popular for literally hundreds of years. They began going out of style in the late 1960’s. Men’s hats lasted a bit longer. Its really too bad because they were an added fashion accessory that many times made an outfit whether it was for a man or a woman. Also today the cowboy and cowgirl hats are still in fashion In the old west everyone wore hats even children. Anyone who lives in the southwest and west see all types of adults and children in western style hats. Its really a necessity when the weather is hot because it keeps the sun out of their eyes and their head cool. When I started writing the Good Gus Series, I knew immediately that Sheriff Gus needed to wear a white hat. It s from the old saying that “Good Guys always wore white hats.” The old westerns claimed that was how you could tell the good guys from the bad guys. In a few of the books there are good guys wearing black hats, such as Gus’s cousin, Cory. When I appear I wear a white hat. The first time I appeared at a school in Palm Springs California all the children liked my hat. Although, when I appeared at St. Patrick’s School in Donabate, County Dublin, Ireland, at two girls classes, all they girls loved my hat and asked me if I wore it all the time. I always enjoy reading to children, and when they see me in my full western wear including cowgirl boots, and of course my big white hat, it seems to add to their enjoyment of the books. As the holiday season approaches, please visit my website for the books in the Good Gus Series that are currently on sale.

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