All around the globe there are TV news shows that claim they are an eyewitness program. However, they are not an eyewitness to any event. They always arrive after the scene and they report live. However, whatever occured, they were not present at that time. The media arrives after the scene and then tries to make it appear that they were not only there but know almost everything about the event. Of course, if you are standing in the middle of a tornado, hurricane, flood or even earthquake, you are definitely in the know. In many trials whether TV shows or in real court, they often have people who claim they saw something or someone. They frequently are inaccurate in their descriptions, times, or what actually happened. There are also the witnesses who literally make it all up to get their fifteen minutes of fame. I saw a trail once where the plaintiff made a false accusation. When the defendant not only denied it but said there was proof, the attorney instantly changed the subject. One of the points, which is always on the first page of the Good Gus series, is to “always do the right thing.” The books reflect this, but in real life people do not. At an early age we were taught that but somehow many adults just let it slip away. There have been times in my life when I have had to delay payments for lack of income. The creditors never came after me because I always made payments, even if not the full amount. They knew I was doing the best I could and it was acceptable to them because it was the right thing. The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website www.goodgusbooks.com along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Misplaced Trust” is a book you need to read to better understand the importance of protecting your assets for your heirs.  It is available by emailing me at maecharles2008@gmail.com.  Upon receipt of payment of $3.97 you will immediately receive directions to download your copy. Hard copies are available by emailing me at the address above. It is also available on Kindle.