Everyone who is older wants to look younger. The number of products available is astronomical.  It is a wonder that they all stay in business.  There are lotions and potions, supplements, exercises and various products that only a licensed physician can provide. Those include Botox, face lifts, light therapy and more. The number of ads for this is staggering.  If it wasn’t for the older generation, many of these companies would be out of business.  People who abuse themselves their entire lives with drinking, smoking, lack of exercise, eating fast food, high caloric intakes on a daily basis, are the ones who once they discover they are going to die if they don’t change their ways, are their best customers.  Too little too late is usually the case.  However, while they are trying to hold onto life, they will spend any amount of money, do anything and try anything to make themselves well again and look younger.  The hair loss industry loves this as well.  Everyday I see adverts for thinning hair, going bald, losing hair, etc.  The amount of money spent to save a person’s hair is enough to feed a family of three for a week.  Sure we all want to look younger as we age but if you abused yourself your entire life, unless you have large sums of money for plastic surgery and are willing to give up your old ways, it is never going to happen.  Not that this has anything to do with the Good Gus series, it’s just that once again today older women are showing off  on internet their bikinis just to prove they do look younger.  The series can be found online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” does have characters, particularly females,  who wish to look younger, but the younger men come along to steal all their money and for a brief period they do believe the are younger and beautiful. The book is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Quitting is easy. It’s staying the course that is difficult.  If you start a project and find it too difficult, you may think quitting is the answer.  It’s not.  When we were children, our parents forced us to see things through.  It didn’t matter because they wanted us to strive to succeed.  If we quit they frequently they became annoyed, possibly punished us, or made an example of our failure to our siblings.  There are many difficulties in life that make us really want the easy way out.  However, that is not always the best way.  Once you make the choice and commit to something, it is always important to stick with it.  If you look at people who continually say they are going to stop smoking, lose weight, get into shape, find a better position, it is usually all talk.  The point our parents were trying to teach us was that if you can make good decisions, you will be more successful.  I saw a recent “Last Man Standing,” in which Ryan, the dad of Boyd, was coaching his hockey team.  When Ryan began to recognize that he was yelling too much, he quit.  This was very upsetting to his son as he like playing hockey and also liked winning.  When his replacement for the next game coached a tie, the boy was very upset.  He spoke to his grandfather who asked him if it bothered him that his dad was yelling.  He said no that he wanted to win.  It turned out to be a better lesson for the dad about quitting from his son.  In the Good Gus series, quitting was never an option.  Sales were a bit slow today at Balboa Park for Miss Patty.  I am still working on Kindle, Nook and an increase of books for Waterstones which carry the series online.  Sales continue for the hard copies at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  If you are looking for a different read as you travel for work or holiday, remember “Misplaced Trust.”  It’s available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

We all experience problems in our everyday life.  There are people who have more or less troubles than others.  There are individuals who discuss their problems  in public. There are celebrities who are diagnosed with diseases who announce their health problems frequently to make everyone aware that they have the disease and if there are others with the same condition that they are not alone.  Coping with a disease in everyday life is not easy.  Making adjustments and learning how to live with it is difficult.  There are so many stresses in our lives that many people end up with diseases because of  their inability to cope.  The answer in western countries and particularly, the United States, is to take medication.  How many people do you know that are not on any medication?  It has become a way of life.  When my late mother-in-law was sick, she saw a nutritionist and she began taking supplements.  She also took prescriptions.  When I saw her taking all the supplements, I thought to myself, that will never be me.  Yet, it is and I don’t take an prescription drugs.  Because she smoked, it didn’t matter what she took as she had emphysema.  Smoking for her was a way of coping with everyday life.  That is frequently the reason people do turn to drugs and alcohol as they cannot cope and live their lives without anger, frustration, jealousy, and the possibility of failure.  In the Good Gus series, everyday life was full of hard work but also positiveness throughout the entire community.  Available online at Waterstones and Kindle, it can also be found at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California. Anyone handling a trust or estate understands the difficulty in dealing with the beneficiaries.  They tend to make the trustee’s everyday life miserable.  To learn more about it read “Misplaced Trust” at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Smoking was once extremely popular. All the old TV shows and westerns almost always had a person smoking.  In many countries, smoking is prohibited indoors.  Casinos do allow it in certain areas.  With the increase in taxes and the cost of cigarettes, it is not quite as popular.  If you are thinking about quitting, there are several ways you can do it.  There are medications and of course, the patch.  There are therapies such as nicotine replacement which can be purchased without a prescription.  There is also gum, lozenges, and inhalers.  If you follow the directions, it appears that they may help increase your chances of quitting.  The reason many of these products are popular is because they reduce the withdrawal symptoms as nicotine is habit forming.  As these methods may work, the important part about quitting is that you have to change your behavioral patterns that are associated with smoking.  It is important to retrain your brain to stop desiring the cigarette.  When you do finally quit smoking the benefits to your body and your wallet are significant.  Your risk of a heart attack drops within 24 hours. After one year it is reduced by 50%.  In a few days, your sense of smell and taste improve.  Within a few weeks, your ability to exercise and do other activities will also improve.  It’s a win win!  Available on Kindle, the Good Gus series never had anyone smoking.  It would have been a negative lesson for young children.  I programmed my children from the time they were young that it was a bad habit.  Both of their grandparents  died from smoking.  If you are looking for a good read as winter begins to drag on, “Misplaced Trust” is always available online.  These wonderful websites for the book are:  24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Whenever you think a person understands or can see things your way, they often respond with a completely different response.  We spend our time trying to explain things only to discover, if it all sounds plausible, that the other person doesn’t come close to seeing what a person is trying to say.  Take a discussion about foods.  Many people think that if you are a vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater that their choices are correct.  They may be right for them, but it doesn’t mean that they are right for you.  Many people cannot understand why individuals smoke. There are statistics that indicate smoking is unhealthy, but often individuals like smoking and ignore the data.  As children we had to learn about various things in life to help us grow up and mature.  Often, we couldn’t understand even if the information was given to us in simple terms.  As we began to mature, we learned that not everything can be made clear to us so that we understand absolutely everything.  For example, studying in school some of us could easily understand math including algebra, geometry, physics, etc. Even with presentations, and sometimes tutors, there are individuals who cannot understand equations.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent.  It’s just simply not their area of expertise.  In the Good Gus series, available on Kindle, there were a number of instances where the entire town needed to see what was happening.  In a few stories, the citizens of Pecos didn’t understand but took Sheriff Gus’s word and followed the procedures for the events in the stories.  In “Misplaced Trust” many of the characters cannot see the truth and reality in several chapters.  The book is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

There are pros and cons to taking multivitamins and nutritional supplements.  Multivitamins are not a cure all.  Sure they help you replace what your body is missing.  They are also handy to help you prevent sickness.  However, many individuals believe that they can just take multivitamins and they will be healthy.  Seriously, if you are a couch potato, never exercise, and feel a meal isn’t a meal unless it is high fat and sugar vitamins are not going to make your life better.  Many government agencies discourage taking any type of nutritional supplement.  I disagree.  There are many people I know, including myself, whom as we age are always thrilled and proud when asked what medications we take especially when our answer is always zero.  Often I have been quizzed about this and my answer does not change.  There are many new diets that discuss and claim to be the best.  What we learned a long time ago still applies today.  Eat right; in moderation; exercise; skip excessive alcohol; stop smoking; and try to sleep seven to eight hours a day.  If you follow a simple plan, coupled with multivitamins and supplements, you should do well unless you abused your body for most of your life.  I had a friend who didn’t really exercise but was a healthy eater.  When he turned sixty-five, his son, the doctor, insisted he begin an exercise program.  He chose swimming and lived until he was 92 1/2! In the Good Gus series, available on Kindle, multivitamins had yet to be invented.  The history is fascinating as to how and when scientists discovered vitamins and the lack thereof in our foods beginning in the early 1900’s.  Back then, food was not transported very far so they didn’t lose their potency and health benefits.  “Misplaced Trust” has absolutely nothing to do with multivitamins.  It is still good summer reading on these warm and even hot days.  So, grab your tablet, sit under a tree or stay indoors with air conditioning and enjoy a good read.  It is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

When most people think about stress relief the first words they say are “I need a holiday or vacation.” Unfortunately, we cannot all get away just because our life is difficult.  We all have pressure and demands in our daily lives from work, family, any relationships we may be in, and for most individuals the lack of money.  Coupled with the digital age, stress relief is not easy to achieve.  Obviously, for many individuals, exercise is one of the best ways to help us calm down and feel stress relief.  Others, sadly, turn to alcohol and even smoking to try to “calm their nerves.”  It doesn’t really help and actually hinders your health and overall well-being.  There is good news, though, there are foods than help give you stress relief.  Here are just a few.  Good old fashioned oatmeal is a great way to start your day and gives you a sustained supply of serotonin for a calm and soothing result.  If you dislike oatmeal in cereal form, try homemade granola.  It’s easy to make and you can add your choice of fruits.  Nuts should be added whenever you have a serving as they tend to go stale otherwise. If you include almonds in that mix, you will find that they have the vitamins involved in the production of serotonin.  Another great breakfast food are blueberries.  They are full of antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress within your body.  They not only provide Vitamin C, but are low on the glycemic index. They are a terrific snack anytime!  Try it with a little yogurt.  If you are thinking that bananas are your best choice for natural potassium, you would be wrong.  Avocados have a higher content and have been shown to help reduce stress related high blood pressure.  When lunch or dinner roll around, consider turkey or salmon.  Both contain nutrients that contribute to stress relief.  Turkey is full of an amino acid, L-Trytophan, which helps release serotonin giving you that relaxed feeling.  Think about it.  Do you want a nap after a turnkey holiday dinner?  The salmon has the important omega-3 fatty acids which also generate a positive effect on stress levels.  In an Ohio State University study, it was demonstrated that the omega-3 fatty acids decreased anxiety by 20%. Last in this group today, get your greens with your meals.  Broccoli is an excellent choice as it contains folic acid which, in various studies, has shown to assist in reducing stress, anxiety, panic, and depression.  In the Good Gus series, stress relief was needed but since their diets consisted of many of these foods, it wasn’t as large a problem as it is today.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If it’s stress relief you are seeking, a good book, “Misplaced Trust” is the answer.  It is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

If you or a family member is having noticeable memory issues or possibly symptoms of dementia, seek professional medical help. The first thing you should understand is that memory issues can either be dementia or Alzheimer’s.  What many individuals don’t realize is that it can start as early as one’s forties.  If you see memory issues in yourself or someone else, also see if they are having impaired thoughts and behavioral changes. After a stroke occurs one may also develop vascular dementia.  If you believe that once you are diagnosed that there is no hope you are wrong. There are medications that can slow it down and engaging in mental exercises such as puzzles and reading regularly will help.  There is a man I know who is constantly doing word puzzles everyday.  It is clear that he has memory issues yet I think he is afraid to know what is really wrong.  If you exercise, have mental stimulation, improve your sleep and eat a healthy diet then it could even reverse cognitive decline.  As we all age, how often have you heard, “You are getting older now.  Of course you have memory issues.  It’s a natural part of aging.”  No it is not part of the aging process.  Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean your brain is going to stop working and you will fall into cognitive decline.  According to the World Health Organization, an estimated forty-seven million people are currently living with dementia worldwide.  If you think it’s slowing down, think again.  The WHO believes it will increase to seventy-five million by 2030.  If no one has memory issues in your family history, don’t rule it out for yourself.  Certain factors contribute to memory loss such as living near a busy road, taking certain medications, smoking, lack of exercise, and even a vitamin D deficiency could increase your risk of developing dementia. As you read this blog and begin thinking you have memory issues it may not be dementia or Alzheimer’s.  It’s quite possible that prescriptions, chronic stress, lack of proper nutrition and possibly deficiencies in vitamins B1 and B12 could lead to memory issues.  So rather than worry, seek medical help if you feel any of this article applies to you or a family member.  In the Good Gus series, there were older adults but no one had memory issues.  It is available on Kindle exclusviely worldwide.  If you choose reading to help your memory issues, please consider “Misplaced Trust.” It is available on these excellent e-book websites: 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

 Now that the U.S. has lifted the trade embargo  it has a new benefit – a vaccine for lung cancer. It is called the CIMAVax.  It is the result of twenty-five years of research at the Cuban Center of Molecular Immunology.  The vaccine has been available to citizens of Cuba since 2011.  The United States is finally jumping on board with this cancer vaccine.  In 2016 the Food and Drug Administration began clinical trials of the cancer vaccine.  This is the first time that the United States has ever run a clinical trial with drugs from Cuba.  It has been tested in other countries including Europe and Japan. Apparently, the cancer vaccine is also a treatment.  It works by boosting the patient’s immune system to fight the disease.  The CIMVax targets a lung cancer specific protein called epidermal growth factor.  It stimulates the immune system to create antibodies to bind to it and prevent further growth.  Five Thousand individuals have been treated and the results varied.  In many cases they did live an additional eleven months.  The Europeans were very pleased with their clinical trials.  It just may be possible that the countries that have a public healthcare systems which focus on prevention rather than the competition for pharmaceutical companies are far and away ahead in medical research.  Stop and think.  Cuba is known for its cigars.  There is probably a large number of its population that smokes.  Their average life span is eighty years of age. What is amazing is that the lung cancer rates in the U.S. are much higher than Cuba.  The U.S. spends millions on ads about smoking.  Obviously, they are not successful.  The tobacco industry has reduced their crops and now use the land for other food items.  Yet, none of that has worked.  There are countless articles about how bad smoking is for individuals, yet it doesn’t stop it.  There are also information articles about which foods to eat to prevent cancer.  If a person ate those foods, but smoked, what would it matter?  They would still be in line for cancer.  In the Good Gus Series, there was never any characters smoking.  It would have set a bad example for the children.  The series is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are thinking about the cancer vaccine as a family member recently passed with the terminal illness, consider it for your own health.  While handling that person’s affairs, take a few minutes to read “Misplaced Trust” which available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd and Tolino.  Remember May 13, 2017 at the Cotuit Library in Massachusetts.  The morning appearance at 10:30 a.m. is for the children for the Good Gus Series and the afternoon appearance at 1:30 p.m. is for anyone thinking about writing a book or has written one and doesn’t know what their next step might be.

Often when people say they cannot afford something it is really just an excuse. In sales, there are many ways to close a deal for a sales person.  Most sales people focus on price.  There are other factors too.  For example, the prospective customer may not like the product or the sales rep.  They may also feel that they do not need the product.  However, when it comes down to price, that is where most sales people think that if they lower the price they will land the sale.  However, it’s not that easy.  There are occasions when people really and truly cannot afford the product.  Even it the price is spectacular, it won’t matter as they do not have the means to pay.  Before the recession in the 2000’s, many people lived well beyond their means.  They really could’t afford it but the credit card companies were passing out lines of credit as fast as a person would agree to pay.  Once the recession hit, the number of bankruptcies increased dramatically.  There were individuals who were caught in the recession, but not because they went crazy with credit cards, loans, or financed payments to stores, shops, etc.  They lost their jobs and simply couldn’t afford to live.Their ability to pay disappeared and many ended up homeless,  living in their cars before they sold them, moving in with relatives or in a shelter.  During the stock market crash 1929, many people gave up, sold all their possessions and headed to areas with jobs. There were people who gave up on life and the suicide rate rose dramatically.   If you have friends who are forever telling you that they cannot afford to go out and socialize, yet every time you see them they are wearing new clothes, driving a newer vehicle and possibly smoking, you know that they are not truthful.  Wherever you go, in any country, there are always beggars looking for a handout.  Do you consider giving them money?  If they are smoking and their clothes look decent and clean, there is a good chance they are pretending to be broke and are using the income to support their lifestyle rather than go to work.  In Europe, the gypsies will approach you and demand money.  One time when I was standing in front of a bookstore in Dublin City Center, a gypsy approached me and demanded money.  I ignored her and finally when she was just about in my face I told her to leave me alone.  When she saw I had no purse to snatch, she told me she would be back with her boyfriend and he would make me pay.  They returned and right after that so did my son who had stepped down the street for a sandwich.  Once  he was on the scene, her brazen attitude accelerated saying her boyfriend would beat up my son.  However, the boyfriend took one look at him and as my son handed me his sandwich and backpack, the boyfriend realized that he was about to be in a great deal of trouble.  She continued to confront me.   My son took one step forward.  The boyfriend grabbed her and literally dragged her away.  He knew he would have been pulverized.  The point being, that if she had worked for a living she wouldn’t be harassing people trying to steal from them.  In the Good Gus Series, the characters in the books didn’t live fancy lives.  They worked and could afford to live their lives in the manner during that period.  The books are available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If the relatives of a will, estate or trust are demanding money from you claiming they can’t afford anything, don’t even bother to explain to them that you will continue to follow the rules of the documents.  Take a breath and read “Misplaced Trust” for tips and ideas on how to handle everything.  The book is available at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd and Tolino.

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