My daughter posted a sign  on Facebook that said: “Accusations from a narcissist are actually confessions.”  There were comments of people agreeing with this statement one hundred percent.  All narcissists use the same vocabulary and say the same words.  The fact that the sign said that their accusations were confessions is amazing.  If you have ever dealt with a narcissist you would understand. In the media, accusations are an everyday occurance.  They throw them out there and then wait to see what happens.  Sometimes they are denied,  proven to be just false or a new form of accusatory lies appear and the dust settles on the original victim.  This is a staple in politics.  As the politicians compete with one another, they start with all types of accusations.  Often when they are proven false they simply move on to new ones.  If a person doesn’t have proof, they should not say things that are untrue just to hurt another person.  That is really all it amounts to.  The majority of the time it is nothing more than lies.  It even happens in elementary all the way up to high school.  Once the words are spoken, the gossip spreads and before long a student is hurt.  It doesn’t achieve anything.  For the person dealing with a narcissist, it gives them an opportunity to confront them and solve your issues.  In the Good Gus series Bad Bart was accusatory towards Bob.  However, Sheriff Gus solved the problem and proved that Bad Bart was wrong and that there was a different approach that could solve the problem.  You can easily access the books online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is full of characters who think nothing of making accusations.  The book would be great for holiday reading.  It’s online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.


Have you noticed that the TV news readers, reporters, talk show hosts and celebrities all rehash anything that occurs. It’s almost as if, we the thinking public, are too stupid to understand.  Whenever anything political occurs, there individuals who may be reporters or just someone who can read cue cards who tell us how we are supposed to think and what we heard.  We don’t need a rehash of everything that was said.  We have brains and know how to use them.  I think it is the repetitiveness that can drive us crazy.  I can only assume that most individuals resent their opinions, comments and  ideas of what was said.  In the United States there is live coverage of a person being nominated for the supreme court.  Not only is the hearing being rehashed on TV, radio, and the internet, but their opinions seem over the top.  The fear of any man in the U.S. has to be increasing due to the fact that all the accusations are personally related to specific behavior.  Anyone who has a son, brother, uncle, grandfather or husband has to wonder if their relative did anything wrong could this happen to them.  Similar accusations have been brought against a member of my condo association.  Many individuals have jumped in to rehash their thoughts and opinions.  Whether right or wrong, the point is that now anyone can voice accusations and you need a strong attorney for your defense.  In the Good Gus series there was no technology which made life much simpler.  Available on Kindle, the five books of the thirty-four collection, can give the young reader a chance to see life without all the harsh and unkind behavior.  “Misplaced Trust” may be considered a rehash of certain greedy behaviors.  It is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

parentsecurity-guard-communicating-15965678There was an article today, on Yahoo about parent shaming. It primarily occurs in the United States. It was surprising and a little shocking. Apparently, individuals in the U.S. feel that they should report parents for anything they do. The article had a few examples. One was a woman on the East Coast of the U.S. She heard her doorbell ring and it was a delivery man. Since she was in her pajamas she decided not to answer it. Her two children were watching TV. She also went to the restroom and when she returned there were police at her door. The article didn’t specify, but I am assuming that the delivery man looked in the windows and saw the children. The woman was traumatized. Celebrities, including Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham,  have been criticized for not carrying a child in a back pack in whatever ever the person doing the condemning considered improper, another person over a four year old with a pacifier, etc.  It seems as if individuals feel they have the right to contact child protective services and the police. Their parent shaming seems to be out of hand.  Statistics show that child abuse is down and that the majority of the calls to the police and child protective services are unnecessary and that the callers are completely wrong in their accusations.  Minding one’s own business unless there was real danger was the way people behaved in years past.  Now they all seem to want to be a cop and report on everyone. It almost seems as if the children in real danger go unnoticed and the people who do their best with their children are the target of parent shaming. Dr. Christian Carter, a Sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley, said, “That more often than not, society’s tendency to shame a parent comes from a darker place.”  If you think about her comment, it sounds logical.  Are the people who are doing the parent shaming guilty of somehow mistreating a child?  It is not a pleasant situation.  In the Good Gus Series, there was no parent shaming.  If you are feeling parent shaming because you are bad with money and aren’t taking care of your family properly, consider the “Money Manager” at

false advertfacts Many people feel that being deceptive is the norm. They do not consider it lying which is even worse. Being deceptive, simply means that they changed the truth slightly, but that it wasn’t exactly a lie. Of course, if you are a spy for any country, being deceptive is a way of life. It’s your job and if you are successful then being deceptive pays off. However, in every day life, being deceptive shouldn’t be necessary. It’s almost easier to be deceptive than to tell the truth. Obviously, a receptionist has to be deceptive and outright lie for his or her job as whomever they are working for may not want to see certain individuals or speak to specific people. There is also the avoidance factor where they really don’t want to deal with someone. Often individuals are deceptive on their CV or resume.  It’s easier to make their time at various positions, longer, have more responsibility, and  let the prospective employer believe that they changed jobs rather than were let go. There are many jobs advertised on the internet that claim you will make a great deal of money and it will cost nothing for you to sign up to find work that is available to work from home.  A friend of mine recently checked a few of them out.  Many of them are quite deceptive.  They assure you there are no fees, however, you do need to pay for a back-up system even if you have your own.  You also need to pay a fee just to register for the possible job openings.  Yet, the wording is such that they won’t be accused of deceptive ads.  There is another area of deception, advertising.  It can be something simple as toothpaste guaranteed to whiten your teeth, a product to make bald men grow hair instantly, or a car that will truly get sixty miles to the gallon.  The phraseology is so deceptive, but yet they have a variety of verbiage counteracting any possible accusations of falsehoods.  There are individuals who prefer not to tell their children about the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, fairies, etc.  They feel it is being deceptive to their children and that sooner or later they will learn the truth.  Do you agree with that? Frankly, I enjoyed hiding Easter eggs, putting money under my children’s pillows for the tooth fairy, and occasionally saying that a magic fairy left a small gift.  It’s all in how a person perceives it.  In the Good Gus Series, there is no deception except when the children ignore their parents wishes, pretend not to hear them, and do things they know aren’t what their parents wanted.  Don’t let deceptive numbers fool you with your finances.  Check out the Money Manager at

falsely accusedguiltjudge-10036284How often have you heard people say, “there is no justice in this world?” It’s possible that you have heard there is no justice for a variety of reasons. Obviously, within the legal system, a person found guilty, an individual who lost a civil lawsuit, or a group fighting for justice to save a tree or a park from destruction might say those very words.  Joni Mitchel wrote a song, “They saved Paradise to put up a Parking Lot.” When a tree or park was going to be torn down, neighborhoods would join together to protest the city’s actions. Often, they would attract publicity of local newspapers and television stations. The protests would then force the hands of the officials to preserve the areas and justice would be served. There are groups in the United States that seek justice for individuals incarcerated wrongfully.  In both movies and television shows, you constantly see characters who claim they were railroaded and want justice.  Often, many are guilty as the shows portray.  However, many years ago, before DNA sampling and sophisticated electronic equipment, innocent people were sent to jail.  It is a wonderful program that helps free individuals who are not guilty of a crime they are in prison for.  Many of the individuals who participate in these groups are volunteers and/or law students.  They are certainly learning about the justice system.  There are people who get angry at the motor vehicle departments and complain that they are treated unfairly.  I know of an individual who was wrongly accused of cheating on a written drive test.  Her husband, who happened to be with her at the time, did not let this atrocity go unnoticed.  He immediately filed a complaint and demanded proof that she cheated.  When the staff refused to show him the video of the testing room proving her innocence, he demanded justice.  He received it, too.  She was allowed to retake the test at no charge and no wait in the long lines.  Before accusing a person of anything, people should be sure they have accurate data.  There are many families that hold their own family courts.  If a child is accused of something, they have a meeting to discuss it.  If the child loses, then a punishment is dispensed.  I am sure that those children feel that justice was indeed not served! In the Good Gus Series, Judge Ross was the only judge for the area.  He rarely held court as the citizens in and around Pecos were law abiding.  In “Misplaced Trust” at, when you read the book you can let me know if you feel people were treated fairly and on the occasions when the legal issues were described, if you feel justice was served.

good choicefinger pointingHave you ever noticed that when a situation occurs people automatically jump to conclusions? They never seem to want to wait for the facts or hard data. Parents do it often with children. They automatically jump to conclusions if they are late, receive a note or letter from the school, or arrive home early from classes. Of course, there are parents who automatically assume the worst. They immediately panic and think that something terrible has happened, when all it could have been was a late bus, a late other parent collecting the boys or girls, or they were suspended from school. It is understandable, particularly in the United States with bomb threats, terrorist threats, and individuals wielding guns, that fear should be their first reaction. However, that is the first reason that most children have a cell or mobile phone now. It gives the parents the comfort of knowing they can call immediately to verify that their child is safe. In relationships, a partner will jump to conclusions for almost the same reasons as parents do except for a few additional ones. It could be the husband or wife claimed to be at a particular event when actually they are with another person at a rendezvous.  Of course, there are signs of cheating so the possible jumping to conclusions may be accurate.  There are also the jealous type partners that jump to conclusions as as soon as the person arrives home, the accusations fly.  There is also the medical report that can make you jump to conclusions after the doctor orders tests and then the office rings and insists you come in immediately for an appointment.  Then, anyone would jump to conclusions and usually the worst.  The internet is a great help in making anyone check their symptoms, check the types of tests that were performed and then their imaginations run wild.  It is any and all of the times I have mentioned that waiting for real data, holding off on accusations,  and trying to be patient until the actual facts are available.   The Good Gus Series stories have parents and children checking data and information before they jump to conclusions particularly when the earth shakes, a swarm of bugs head towards Pecos, and the approaching of a sound of a train when there are no tracks.  Sheriff Gus, due to extensive reading and studying, is able to calm the towns people when all these events occur.  Remember, maecharlesbooks. is available for your data collection for finances.

brokefalsely accusedWhen many people hear the word broke, they think of a person in a financial problem. They don’t classify them as poor, but that its merely a temporary situation that will be rectified son. Being broke is no laughing matter. Anyone who starts out working and rises up the corporate ladder or starts their own business knows financial success and freedom. Then if they lose their position or their business begins to go in a downward spiral, they assume that its only a matter of time before everything will improve. Sometimes everything turns around and improves.  The business owner develops new sales techniques and the cash flow increases and the corporate person lands another excellent paying job.  Then, there are the people who spiral so far downwards that they do become poor.  Some end up homeless and unemployed.  Once their life falls apart it takes a great deal of effort to bring it back to what it once was.  There are people who end up selling everything and working at temporary jobs just to have food and shelter.  Its difficult.  A woman recently commented on my blog on Facebook.  She was referring to my blog “Accuse.”  Her son is living in Florida working for a moving company.  He is living in his car, but he is working.  He is trying to start over and build a better life.  Since the other workmates know he is living in his car, including his supervisor, when a piece of jewelry went missing on a moving job.  Naturally, because this young man is broke, they automatically assume he took the jewelry.  He is a victim of circumstances.  There were a number of other people helping to pack.  Any one of them could have taken the jewelry, but they are zeroing in on her son because he is broke.  Not only are they assuming the worst, but he is an easy target.  I responded to her and suggested she try to obtain a good lawyer.  In the Good Gus Series many of the residents live a comfortable life financially.  I didn’t feel the need for the readers to possibly face the harsh reality of their lives if they were broke or poor.  I hope you will consider the Christmas book, “The Special Gift.” It wuld make a wonderful new holiday tradition.

factsfalsely accused People often accuse others of wrong doings without any real hard evidence or facts. If an individual plans to accuse someone of an act, they should be sure of all their facts before they do. Many times, based on improper assumptions, people will make an accusation without thinking it through. Often it ends up, if they are wrong, the the person accused will no longer speak to their accuser. There are a number of people in jails in the United States because they were accused of despicable acts, and later with the law students studying their cases have helped many individuals be released from prison because they were truly innocent. I saw a show that is a series on the Hallmark Channel where a man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The actual criminal who killed his uncle so he could take over his business, was in the park that day and brushed up against the innocent man. He stole his wallet and then hid it in some bushes so the innocent man couldn’t find it. The best part for the criminal was that the innocent man had similar features and the same color hair as the murderer. The government did accuse and try the innocent man and he was put in jail. Through an unexpected development a Postal person discovered that there were pictures of the day the man had spent in the park. Once they discovered a photograph showing the other man, it was cut and dry and the innocent man was released. The prosecutor as well as the defending lawyer didn’t do any research and based the innocent man’s guilt solely on his lost wallet. As children I am sure all of us had our fair share of being accused for something we didn’t do and then punished.  It made it easier to lie rather than be honest when telling the truth only gave punishment.  Most parents today check their facts before making accusations.  Its a better way to be a parent.  There are also co-workers who will accuse another person of an event that was clearly their fault.  Often the innocent person cannot prove they didn’t do it and end up being sacked.  I also did not include any characters making false accusations against any individual in the Good Gus Series.  Its difficult in life for children without reading negative things that happen in their lives.

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