children's books, Good Gus Books Things tend to go wrong when people are jumping to conclusions.  If they automatically assume the worst, many times they are wrong.  It’s easy jumping to conclusions if you hear or see something but aren’t one hundred percent accurate as to what you heard or witnessessed.  For example, a woman begins snooping on her husband’s phone.  She finds a picture of him with another woman.  She instantly begins jumping to conclusions.  She believes he is cheating on her.  She decides to keep watching his phone to see what happens.  She doesn’t see them kissing only hugging. She begins to become angry and is thinking of leaving him.  Then, one day he comes home with the woman.  She begins to lose her patience and asks why he is bringing her into their home. She continues to rant and he  tries to explain.  He finally forces her to calm down.  He then states, “I would like you to meet my sister.” Naturally, the wife’s face drops and her face turns red.  She is humiliated and embarrassed. She starts apologizing when the sister just steps up and hugs her.  Then, the real story of how they found each other is revealed.  This is a happy ending, but most stories end up unpleasant.  Sadly, the assumptions are often correct and hurtful to the other party. In the Good Gus series jumping to conclusions was only via Bad Bart.  He assumed the negative but Sheriff Gus did the positive. The books are online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is easily accessible at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

 There are many definitions of being a coward. Obviously, someone running away in the military is considered the worst. However, there are many other instances of running or escaping from situations that should label the person as a coward.  A man or woman who abandons their family and disappears is obviously a coward.  They won’t stay and face the consequences and help support their family.  I remember meeting a man once who was living in Florida with another woman.  He walked out on his family one day in Connecticut and never looked back.  He was living with this woman because she owned a home and he didn’t have to put his name on anything.  Although, anyone  either a child or adult who runs away or removes themselves from a situation is not a coward.  They are trying to avoid harm.  However, the workplace bully is most definitely a coward.  He or she uses their position or their status to push others around, call them names, insult them and often avoid doing their own work.  Recently, Miss Patty and I have encountered this type of person.  Although I have written about it in the past, it cannot be expressed too often that the bully is a coward.  In another instance a person was in my home as a guest proved to be a bully or in the old terms a chicken.  When I caught him snooping through my personal computer he started to come after me as he thought there was only a few women there at the time.  When my daughter-in-law saw what was happening she jumped in to save me.  When he refused to leave she called my son who was napping.  He immediately rose and the coward skulked away muttering under his breath.  In the Good Gus series no one was a coward.  In many of the adventures of the children in the stories, which is available on Kindle worldwide, the children are brave and daring. If you find yourself facing a coward at work, make sure everyone knows what is happening to you.  Then for a quick reading break, check out “Misplaced Trust” which is available on 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

nosy neighbornosy signnosy What is it that makes people so nosy? Why can’t they mind their own business? In the city, when I was young, the older people, particularly the women, used to sit at their windows and watch everything that went on in the neighborhood. They really should have been doing other things, they had to be nosy about everyone else. What was worse is that they were huge tattle tales to a child’s parents. If you did the least little thing wrong, you were cooked as your parents knew. Even when I was older and moved to the suburbs, as my friends and I walked everywhere, there was always someone watching and ready to tell the parents what we were up to. You wouldn’t mind, but we really weren’t doing anything terrible or even wrong. It was their perspective of our behavior.  Nosy people just can’t leave well enough alone.  They have to pry and snoop into other people’s private lives.  They look into bank statements, nosy about  at personal documents, read other people’s mail, and if that wasn’t enough, after they do all this they begin to inquire about all the information they collected from the person they basically violated.  Not only do people get angry, but it ruins relationships mostly likely for a lifetime.  If you think about, what is the motivation to be so nosy?  Do these people lead boring lives?  Are they trying to find something on another person so they can go after them?  The nosy husband, wife or partner ends up finding the truth and much more than they probably bargained for.  There was a movie I saw recently abut a couple that were married and the husband one day just disappeared.  At first the wife was devastated.  Then she started her own detective work because their son was ill and needed a bone marrow transplant from the dad.  She went to the police who said give us hard evidence.  She kept working at it until she found him.  He had changed his identity and was married to another woman and had a new family.  She drove to his home and made sure that her son was safe with her friend at a location the husband had no knowledge.  When she confronted her husband and his wife, he assaulted her and threw her out of his home.  Within an hour, he decided he had better go take care of the first wife.  He told wife number two he suddenly had business out of town.  She felt everything was wrong and after he had been gone about an hour, she telephoned the police.  Naturally, the husband went straight to his former home and tried to murder his wife.  Obviously, the police stepped in and made sure, that when they shot him, he wouldn’t die.  In the end, she was right to be nosy.  It is one of the rare exceptions.  The citizens of Pecos, in the Good Gus Series, never had the need to be nosy.  They watched out for each other, but it wasn’t about anything except being available if they were needed.  In “Misplaced Trust, ” at or on kindle, it is imperative to be nosy if you are the person in charge.  The book will help you recognize how you are treated when you hold the key to an inheritance for people.

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