children's books, Good Gus Books Things tend to go wrong when people are jumping to conclusions.  If they automatically assume the worst, many times they are wrong.  It’s easy jumping to conclusions if you hear or see something but aren’t one hundred percent accurate as to what you heard or witnessessed.  For example, a woman begins snooping on her husband’s phone.  She finds a picture of him with another woman.  She instantly begins jumping to conclusions.  She believes he is cheating on her.  She decides to keep watching his phone to see what happens.  She doesn’t see them kissing only hugging. She begins to become angry and is thinking of leaving him.  Then, one day he comes home with the woman.  She begins to lose her patience and asks why he is bringing her into their home. She continues to rant and he  tries to explain.  He finally forces her to calm down.  He then states, “I would like you to meet my sister.” Naturally, the wife’s face drops and her face turns red.  She is humiliated and embarrassed. She starts apologizing when the sister just steps up and hugs her.  Then, the real story of how they found each other is revealed.  This is a happy ending, but most stories end up unpleasant.  Sadly, the assumptions are often correct and hurtful to the other party. In the Good Gus series jumping to conclusions was only via Bad Bart.  He assumed the negative but Sheriff Gus did the positive. The books are online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is easily accessible at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

  “Teach your Children Well” was a song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young which was released in 1963. It should be released again today. Why is it that people don’t feel it’s necessary to instruct their children  in cleanliness, manners, eating, and cleaning up after themselves?  I know a man whose sister won’t allow him and his two teenagers at her home any more because they are messy, lazy, slobs.  She loves them but she doesn’t want to clean up after them.  People need to return to the ‘old days’ where manners were part of their upbringing.  Teach your children to do chores, cook, vacuum, mop, sew, laundry, iron, clean the home areas both inside and out.  How can you expect them to survive or do plan on waiting on them when you are in your eighties and they are still living at home?  I know a young man in his thirties who no one can stand to live with.  He lives with his parents and they have a woman clean and pick up after him.  They aren’t doing their son any favors. We all need to teach our children while they are young.  How would you feel if your son or daughter went to a sleepover and the parent called the next day to say, “That although your child is very nice I don’t want him or her to return.   They left a mess, didn’t clean up after themselves, etc. so they are no longer welcome in my home.” I imagine you would be angry until you realized it was really your fault.  Do it now before you end up being their maid when you are old and gray.  In the Good Gus series, chores were expected along with cleanliness and being neat.  The series is online at Kindle, with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” has many tips but one important one was teach your children to be fair, treat their siblings with respect and don’t be greedy. The estate plan guide is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Taking shortcuts can be fatal. If you decide to ignore directions and take a shortcut you could end up lost or stranded.  Frequently, you see articles about people taking shortcuts and ending up stuck in snow storms.  The shortcuts are the easy way out, but they often never work out.  When you take shortcuts while working, you usually end up doing the work over and spending double the amount of time.  Plus, your workmates and your boss may be angry at you for not doing it correctly the first time.  Many parents try to find the easy way out.  For example, rather than make homemade or semi-homemade meals they buy take away which over time causes gastric issues for their child or children.  There are so many products in the grocery that all you have to do is add a few ingredients, cook on the stovetop, bake, or boil and you can have a semi-homemade meal. The freezer section is full of fried foods, pizza, and prepared dinners that are loaded with fats and salt.  None of which is good for a child.  Taking the extra time to find good products while shopping for food is the best way, healthwise, to go.  There are also the people who refuse to work and find ways to collect from the government so they can have medical coverage and never have to find employment.  Then they take the shortcuts to make cash without the tax collector knowing.  Eventually, though, they do get caught.  In “Cory Returns,” Cory heads to Pecos to visit Sheriff Gus.  He ends up staying on the trail when his horse is spooked and is wise to not take any shortcuts so Gus can find him.  The series is online at Kindle, with a few copies on Nook and Waterstones. If you need a few minutes break from your children, consider my video at  I plan to read and record a second  book this week.  As you know, children love the same stories repeated.  “Misplaced Trust” is basically a self-help book to avoid probate.  The stories give you a better understanding about protecting your property.  It is available at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

  Most people never look at the big picture. Individuals tend to focus on the minute details.  Many people make poor decisions based on the details rather than evaluate the whole situation.  If you have to make a choice or an important decision, it’s imperative that you take all the facts into account.  The decision making process should be a logical sequence.  Once you know the pros and cons then you can make your choice.  That’s why the big picture is so important.  For example, you and your friend have pictures from a trip.  While you both start out enjoying the pictures, your friend slowly begins to look upset.  Then she starts complaining about how she looks and by the end she is angry because she believes she is too fat, her hair looks awful, her clothes don’t look nice, etc.  Instead of focusing on the big picture that they had a wonderful time, the weather was great and they ate delicious foods, she noticed her appearance. By focusing on the minute details, she destroyed a good time and changed her perception of what was a wonderful time into an unhappy memory. People need to focus on the big picture during this difficult period in all of our lives.  In the Good Gus series, Sheriff Gus knew to quickly focus on the big picture when anything occurred.  The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also available 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Have you ever wondered if something just isn’t worth it?  Take family arguments, are they really worth it? They generally end up with both parties being hurt, insulted, aggravated and upset.  Sometimes they stop talking altogether.  There are countless families in the chapters in my “Misplaced Trust” with this exact issue. They also hold grudges.  But are they really worth it?  Sometimes children hold grudges against their parents because they wished they had divorced.  Of course, the parents thought they were doing the right thing.  Then there are the children who stay angry because their parents did divorce.  Either way no one wins.  Many people believe trying new things and getting out of their comfort zone is completely worth it.  It may be true unless you dive off a cliff and become injured.  There are also the individuals who think you need all of their advice.  If you just agree, they stop talking.  If you don’t, they will go on until they wear you down and you say yes even if you have no intention of following it.  There are also the individuals who will give unsolicited advice.  Ignoring is an ideal option.  We all have options and choices in life.  What and how we choose determines how we live.  If you make the wrong choice, it’s easier to change and make the right one.  In the Good Gus series, there are many adventures that are worth it.  The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino. Thank you for continuing to visit my crowdfunding site at:

  Why is it when people speak their tone is upset?  It doesn’t matter what the topic may be, people seem to be upset and sound overly loud.  Everyone seems to be upset and angry about everything.   Let’s start with the grocery.  People tend to take up space in an aisle and then become annoyed if you get tired of waiting and pass them.  I was in a row where a woman was blocking the cases of water texting on her phone.  She held up five people and seemed irritated when one person finally said something.  I left that aisle and went around to the next one so I could access the end.  Today I had a call from a client who was upset over the IRS.  Seriously, they are an entity unto themselves.  They make the decisions and we follow.  It’s really that simple.  There are also the people you call and they ask you to call back.  When you do they seem annoyed or upset, yet they set the time.  It’s frustrating.  If you have ever lived in a gated community, you can’t even begin to understand what people become upset about.  There are always a few individuals who band together and demand everything with no regard for the other residents.  It’s never easy.  In the Good Gus series, there were a few characters who became upset besides Bad Bart.  However, it wasn’t anger but more concern or worry.  For example, in book two, “The Cattle are Restless,” one of the cattle strays and a stampede begins.  Cory has to rush to Pecos and let Sheriff Gus know so that everyone can help and stop the herd.  The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also available for your summer reading at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino. Don’t forget my crowdfunding site at

  When parents wanted the choice of homeschooling, in many areas around the world they were turned down. It’s an interesting twist because now its mandatory because of the virus.  I utilized home schooling for both of my children.  They both went to public school and then I switched when they reached middle school.  My son did finish his final year in high school prior to college.  Now with the virus parents are learning about homeschooling and the difficult job many teachers have.  They may have discovered that their child or children are the unruly ones in class when they try to work with them on their lessons.  They may also have discovered that their child or children are a delight and love a specific subject.  In either case, homeschooling may be expanding into our world.  People always questioned parents about homeschooling.  They worried if they had enough attention, time to learn, were in fact learning, and what about their social life.  When my children were homeschooled, they had a multitude of friends.  My son was in the Dixie League Finals for baseball.  My daughter still has two friends that she knows today.  It also gave me time to procure music lessons for them.  Music is a great gift.  I remember an old doctor who said any parent that gives their child the gift of music is doing them a tremendous favor.  He had two sons.  One boy took piano and the other son wasn’t interested in any musical instrument.  During their teenage years when they would become angry, frustrated, bored, annoyed and a multitude of other feelings, the boy who didn’t learn an instrument had a difficult time.  The boy who played the piano took all his frustrations out on the keyboard.  He would come home from school and start pounding on the piano.  After a bit it softened until finally he felt much better and turned into lovely music.  In the Good Gus series, there wasn’t any homeschooling.  Miss Patty was the school teacher for everyone.   The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” for these lovely nights is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

How frequently do you wish after you say something that you could just take back what you said?  Too often people say things that they regret the minute they say them.  The wishful thinking of going back in time and erasing all of our mistakes, is just that.  Making changing as to how we respond so we don’t wish to take back words is another matter.  We all have to learn to be quiet at the correct times.  It is not mandatory that a person is always right or always wrong.  It’s more important to treat each other with kindness and respect.  That seems an insurmountable task in the world today.  As the holiday season isn’t too far away, why can’t people start now to treat each other decently?  When people lose their tempers, they always say regrettable words.  If the individuals  then finally settle down and apologize, they feel guilt for all the words they can’t take back.  It would be much easier to hold your tongue, listen to the other person and then present a logical argument.  If they prefer to be angry and yelling is their choice, walk away.  Why make yourself feel poorly when it’s unnecessary?  The old adage, “think before you speak,” is still applicable today.  In the Good Gus series, Bad Bart seriously needed to take back his words.  Sheriff Gus, however, uses kindness to resolve the problem.  Available online at Kindle and Waterstones, and at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California, the series may soon be offered in other retail outlets.  I hope you will add  “Misplaced Trust” to your reading list.  It is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Why do people focus on trivialities?  Most people tend to knit pick about minor things and not focus on the big picture.  For example, in the workplace, individuals pay attention to anything minor that occurs particularly if they feel they have been singled out.  If it is  an issue to be addressed, they tend to let the trivialities fester and let them eat away in their thoughts.  Frequently, people become angry because they can’t let go.  If they are being criticized, and they feel it is unjustified, they should speak up.  Losing your temper doesn’t solve anything and can make you redundant.  It is better to recognize if you have made a mistake and then correct it.  If your boss is complaining that you make too many mistakes then possibly you should suggest that you need additional training.  In that way, there are no hurt feelings and you will succeed at your job.  Family members tend to focus on trivialities and never let them go.  Whenever there is a family event they bring it up.  If they drink too much it generally leads into a fight or argument while they complain.  Letting go is not easy if things are difficult or you feel slighted.  However, you need to feel good about yourself and be happy.  Letting trivialities fester harms you physically, mentally and emotionally.  In the Good Gus series, Bad Bart always had a grudge.  However, Sheriff Gus taught him it was not necessary to be a mean person.  Any children that I have read to have always loved the series.  Available online at Kindle and Waterstones, they are easy to locate.  Hard copies are always available at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  If you read “Misplaced Trust” you will be amazed at how the trivialities affect people.  It is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

The term servant is no longer applicable anywhere as it is not politically correct. If a person is in the employ of someone wealthy, there are now terms for each position rather than a general label of being a servant.  In this age of technology, there are robotic products that do the work for us.  However, the servant mentality still exists.  Often you see it in the workplace.  If you work for anyone that is wealthy, they seem to believe that you are their servant.  They tend to order you about, make demands, and generally treat you as if you were their slave.  They fail to recognize that you are an employee and are paid for a specific job.  Yet, rich people expect that everyone should treat them special because they have money.  It’s an attitude that I have encountered on numerous occasions.  If you remind them that you are not their slave they tend to become angry.  In a universe where nothing is equal, if one person has more money than another, it shouldn’t preclude from treating you with decency and respect.  Many large corporations overwork their staff and the employees, who need their jobs and the income, accept it believing that is the way it is at all jobs.  There is continual discussion about equal opportunities and equal pay, yet it’s a myth.  It is whatever the market will bear.  If an employer can hire you at a lower rate because you are desperate for a job, they will.  They never stop to consider that you need a certain amount of money to live.  In the Good Gus series, there were no servants.  All the citizens treated each other decently and with respect.  Good lessons for the young readers.  Remember, the series can be found online at Kindle, Waterstones and in paperback at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  “Misplaced Trust is also easily located at by 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

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