Bad Bart

children's books, Good Gus Books Things tend to go wrong when people are jumping to conclusions.  If they automatically assume the worst, many times they are wrong.  It’s easy jumping to conclusions if you hear or see something but aren’t one hundred percent accurate as to what you heard or witnessessed.  For example, a woman begins snooping on her husband’s phone.  She finds a picture of him with another woman.  She instantly begins jumping to conclusions.  She believes he is cheating on her.  She decides to keep watching his phone to see what happens.  She doesn’t see them kissing only hugging. She begins to become angry and is thinking of leaving him.  Then, one day he comes home with the woman.  She begins to lose her patience and asks why he is bringing her into their home. She continues to rant and he  tries to explain.  He finally forces her to calm down.  He then states, “I would like you to meet my sister.” Naturally, the wife’s face drops and her face turns red.  She is humiliated and embarrassed. She starts apologizing when the sister just steps up and hugs her.  Then, the real story of how they found each other is revealed.  This is a happy ending, but most stories end up unpleasant.  Sadly, the assumptions are often correct and hurtful to the other party. In the Good Gus series jumping to conclusions was only via Bad Bart.  He assumed the negative but Sheriff Gus did the positive. The books are online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is easily accessible at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

My daughter posted a sign  on Facebook that said: “Accusations from a narcissist are actually confessions.”  There were comments of people agreeing with this statement one hundred percent.  All narcissists use the same vocabulary and say the same words.  The fact that the sign said that their accusations were confessions is amazing.  If you have ever dealt with a narcissist you would understand. In the media, accusations are an everyday occurance.  They throw them out there and then wait to see what happens.  Sometimes they are denied,  proven to be just false or a new form of accusatory lies appear and the dust settles on the original victim.  This is a staple in politics.  As the politicians compete with one another, they start with all types of accusations.  Often when they are proven false they simply move on to new ones.  If a person doesn’t have proof, they should not say things that are untrue just to hurt another person.  That is really all it amounts to.  The majority of the time it is nothing more than lies.  It even happens in elementary all the way up to high school.  Once the words are spoken, the gossip spreads and before long a student is hurt.  It doesn’t achieve anything.  For the person dealing with a narcissist, it gives them an opportunity to confront them and solve your issues.  In the Good Gus series Bad Bart was accusatory towards Bob.  However, Sheriff Gus solved the problem and proved that Bad Bart was wrong and that there was a different approach that could solve the problem.  You can easily access the books online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is full of characters who think nothing of making accusations.  The book would be great for holiday reading.  It’s online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.


Have you noticed when you try to scroll the news, there is continual arguing. It’s non stop.  Everyday there is a new article about someone disagreeing with the Prince Harry and Meghan interview. Many people, particularly in the UK, are quite upset.  Piers Morgan lost his job over his opinions. Today there is more fodder.  The continual arguing whether it is true or not is ridiculous. We have real life crisis on this planet and whether they were telling the truth or not, people should be focusing on the serious issues in life.  Now there is continual arguing regarding cooking.  Should a person follow a recipe, ignore it and use part of it or make up your own.  In order to start cooking you need to learn how to cook.  The freezer to table concept still requires a person to follow directions.  It’s food.  If you try a recipe and it’s awful you have two options:  modify it or never make it again.  Today on the internet there was continual arguing about this very topic.  I understand people are bored because of COVID, but the continual arguing just needs to stop.Since there are so many people complaining about weight gain during this pandemic, rather than continuous arguing, start exercising.  It will at least take your mind off things. In the Good Gus series, the only person who liked to argue was Bad Bart. The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is a book full of people arguing. The can easily be found at these fine websites: 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

  Throughout our lifetimes we continually meet people who are arrogant. They are the types of individuals who believe they are above the law, can lie, cheat and steal and no one will bother them.  They are also bullies. They say rude and nasty things and think nothing of it.  During these times I have seen people being evicted even though it is against the law.  I have seen landlords go into homes and/or apartments and steal items and then harass the tenants to leave.  Just because they are doing better than the average person during the pandemic doesn’t mean they can be rude, arrogant individuals.  Many people are having a difficult time. A woman called me today who does own her home, is still working even though she is eighty, and said she had more problems than she ever thought possible. It’s not easy for many of us and the arrogant individuals are making it worse.  I see continually on Facebook short videos about arrogant sales clerks, and primarily husbands and a few wives. I cannot fathom what makes these individuals believe that they have the right to be rude, nasty and have an arrogant attitude towards others.  What if these same individuals ended up losing everything and were homeless?  Would they still keep their arrogant attitude? Only time will tell.  In the Good Gus series, Bad Bart was the only character with an arrogant attitude.  You can easily find the series online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones. “Misplaced Trust” is full of arrogant characters.  Keep warm by the fire with this good read.  You can easily locate it at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

  Have you ever met anyone who was an egomaniac? They are also known as a narcissist.  There are continual articles about women fighting in a divorce with an egomaniac. They are very good at acting and appearing like the perfect person or parent.  The reality is they want everything their way and they want it NOW.  They can make the women look really bad with lies, innuendo’s and general falsehoods.  They use more effort, time and money to destroy their ex.  They have extreme vengeance and have no empathy for their children.  They appear so innocent and act as if they have never done a wrong thing in their lives.  Their faces can portray humility when in reality they have none.  I have read about countless cases in a variety of states.  The women are always portrayed as bad.  The children really want their mothers but the female judges decline.  It takes years for the mothers to get their children back.  They fight, lose money and in the end the children need therapy.  Dealing with an egomaniac in the workplace is a nightmare. They are always right and tend to lose their tempers if anyone disagrees with them.  If they make a mistake it doesn’t matter, however if an employee does they are fired but only after being degraded and humiliated.  The egomaniac has a personality disorder that really needs therapy.  In the Good Gus series the only character who was an egomaniac was Bad Bart.  He turned around, though, which is the point of the story.  It’s also a good lesson for the children.  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones. “Misplaced Trust” is full of egomaniacs.  It can be found online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

  What is it that people think that if they are speaking loudly that it is one hundred percent acceptable? It is extremely inconsiderate.  I dislike people speaking loudly to a person of another language who doesn’t understand English. What could possibly make them think that raising their voice somehow translates into the other person’s language?  The very fact the individuals don’t care if they are speaking loudly shows that they have no class.  Couples who get into arguments frequently think nothing of raising the levels of their voices until they are in a screaming match.  When you look at the news you often read that the Democrats and Republicans in the United States yell and scream at each other.  Is this any way to act?  Sure there are people who tend to be loud, but not rude or obnoxious.  Individuals who have difficultly in hearing raise their voices but they don’t realize it.  I have a soft baby voice.  People frequently ask me when I am on the phone,  if I am old enough to make decisions.  It depends upon who is calling me how I answer. If it’s a robot call, I say, “No I am not.” They hang up and never call again. In the Good Gus series, Bad Bart was speaking loudly demanding chocolate ice cream.  Once again raising his voice couldn’t produce what wasn’t there.  The books are online at Kindle with a few on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” does have characters who think nothing of speaking loudly and beyond.  The book is available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

People are preoccupied with many minor issues but often miss the big picture. People are fighting about masks which is minor comparing to catching COVID, the flu or something else. With the lack of socialization, teenagers, and even young children are so preoccupied with not having a social life that they are ending their lives.  The State of Nevada is so worried about this that they are considering opening the schools.  Narcissists are also preoccupied.  They are so envious of others that they have fantasies of  unlimited power, extreme success,  believe they brilliant and all men or women want them.  Sadly, many are failures in life, never succeeding financially and are usually alone as their hopes for love dissipate when the person they think should love them see their true self and call it quits.  Being preoccupied with the small and insignificant leads to missing out on important events, frequent loss of money, a lack of success and a poor work ethic. If you work for a narcissist you need to be careful in your everyday work environment.  As they usually take credit for your work, you need to watch what you say and do.  If you end up being preoccupied with his or her behavior, you will be the one without a raise or promotion and you may end up losing your job. In the Good Gus series, no one was preoccupied except Bad Bart when he wanted chocolate ice cream.  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  In “Misplaced Trust” many of the characters are preoccupied with stealing the other beneficiaries’ inheritance and revenge.  It’s a good read particularly since next week in the northern part of the states snow be be heavy and there will be rain across Europe. The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

   I saw a video last night that shook me to the core. A new boy in school was being pursued with a vengeance by a bully.  I kept wondering how could this one boy and his two sidekicks hate this new kid so much.  The first thing the bully did was trip the boy, let’s call him Joe, while he was walking up to the teacher and everything he was carrying went everywhere.  The teacher asked what happened and a second new boy, Henry, said the bully tripped him.  Everyone else in the class remained silent. The teacher was furious and send him to the principal’s office.  The bully was suspended for two weeks.  When Joe walked out of school, the bully was waiting.  He started beating up Joe.  No one helped until Henry arrived.  He fought not only the bully but three of his friends.  Then, the bully’s brother arrived in a bright red Chevy Malibu.  The car was gorgeous.  The brother stepped out and started in on Joe and Henry.  He and one of his friends began attacking Joe and Henry.  Joe, however, kicked and punched and knocked them all down. At the last minute before Joe and Henry escaped, Henry keyed the Malibu. This made the brother extremely angry.  Then, Joe and Henry jumped on their bikes and raced off. The brother, his friends and the original bully all jumped into the Malibu and started racing after the two boys.  They hit other cars, sped like mad and continued to pursue them.  Joe had been at the school a few weeks longer and he knew the routes to escape these monsters.  Finally, Joe brought them to a jump where the car couldn’t go and they made it across.  The extreme vengeance to get even, hurt boys half their age and just the initial bullying was shocking.  I have a family situation where a person is taking revenge on my daughter and it is not even remotely understandable.  It’s a terrible motivator. However, Karma does have a way of paying back.  Bad Bart is the only bully in the Good Gus series.  You can find the books online  at Kindle, with a few books on Nook and Waterstones or contact me to place an order.  Remember if you would like to buy a book for a sick or needy child, Mae Charles Gift of Reading is a non profit and tax deductible.   “Misplaced Trust” is full of characters with a vengeance.  It is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Lately there are a variety of videos of individuals who torment others for a number of reasons. For example, there is a man on YouTube who promotes kindness all the time.  He appears to be a well known speaker as well.  He did a video that included a speaking engagement.  There were limited seats and a heavy set girl was sitting on the outside of one of the rows. A thin woman sat down next to her.  She literally began to torment her because of her weight.  She was loud, rude and obnoxious.  She stood up and asked if anyone would change seats with her.  A slender young man said he would.  He sat down next to the heavy girl and told her that she shouldn’t be treated that way.  Finally, the speaker came onto stage.  He began talking and one of the first things he said that everyone was to look under their seat for a check for two hundred fifty thousand dollars.  The young man next to the heavy girl was the winner.  The thin girl stood up and said that was her seat originally.  Without being rude,  the speaker basically said it was too bad but she wasn’t sitting there.  Then he brought the heavy set girl onto the stage.  He introduced her and she told her story.  She had always had a weight problem and in school she was continually bullied and tormented.  The point of this exercise was to give a live demonstration that being kind is good and sometimes it has its rewards.  The only person who did torment the citizens of Pecos briefly was Bad Bart.  However, Sheriff Gus solved that in an instant.  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  There are man characters who went out of their way  in “Misplaced Trust” to torment the successor trustee of an estate plan along with everyone I worked with seemed to be unstoppable.  “Misplaced Trust” is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino. As everyone who follows my blog knows, today is my favorite day in Ireland as it is the beginning of the holiday season.  If you would like to buy a book for a needy child, ‘Mae Charles Gift of Reading’ will happily donate a book personally autographed.

  It is amazing how many people are in the narcissism category.  It is now labeled as a personality disorder.  If you have ever met one you might not know that they even has this disorder.  For example, there is a person in my homeowners association who is the definition of narcissism. He believes he is the owner of everyone’s home and he allows us to live here.  Seriously, that doesn’t  even begin to describe him.  He has an arrogance and a belief he is always one hundred percent right about everything. He has made a mess of the finances for the association which we are slowly digging out it.  Then there is a second man I know that originally appeared to be very nice.  However, once I came to know him, I discovered the true meaning of narcissism.  He is extremely self absorbed, has no empathy whatsoever, everything is always about him regardless of the topic, he believes he is entitled and he works it, and he believes if he states anything it’s the truth, and it NEVER is. He continually brags and when he feels remotely slighted he is the instant victim.  Until this person, I never saw anyone take any situation and turn it into him being a victim. It’s amazing.  About the only character who could be accused of narcissism in the Good Gus series is Bad Bart.  Although, Sheriff Gus straightens him right out.  I was asked today about my books.  I wrote my first book in 2008 in Swords, Ireland, County Dublin.  I was asked to describe the characters.  Without realizing it back then, I wrote about people I had known or know now.  What is interesting is that the books reflect stories that are multicultural.  In “The Special Gift” it never occured to me until someone mentioned it that I written about a multiethnic adoption.  That may be the way we should all think.  Not about nationalities, religious beliefs, political ideas, etc. but who the people really are inside.  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  Narcissism runs rampant in “Misplaced Trust.” It’s an easy read online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

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