Most of us live a glam free life everyday. Celebrities probably do but if they go out being glam free they are photographed and the publicity is upsetting to them.  We all don’t look perfect all the time.  Many people who work at home now wear their loungewear, don’t fix their hair and some don’t even shower regularly. Talk about glam free!  The amazing thing is that the celebrities are frequently unrecognizable when they go out glam free. Without makeup and their hair fixed they look like average people.  Many women dress perfectly everyday and try to be glamorous.  Of course, if you wear makeup everyday it wears down your skin.  Our faces aren’t made to wear it on a daily basis.  I have worked at home for many years and I dress down slightly, but still dress reasonably every day.  Instead of a suit or a dress, I wear nice track pants with a nice shirt. I always fix my hair as well. It’s amazing that glam free also extends to people in public.  How many times have you been to the grocery and seen people in sleep pants and slippers?  The first time I saw that I was in San Diego, California at a smoothie shop.  I was amazed. Many people who work at home now dress the upper half of their person while they sit in their office chair in sleep pants if they have to attend a meeting or speak to someone on Zoom. It probably saves money.  I just think we should all try to look our best everyday.  In the Good Gus series, everyone dressed nicely.  I thought it was important that children see that as a positive example.  The series is online at Kindle, with a few copies on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.


Good Gus Books, Children Books, Cowboys  People continually pass judgment on one another.  You see it in everyday life, in movies, on the internet and in public places.  I have never understood this.  What is it that makes people think that it is acceptable?  In the workplace, the workmates pass judgment on a variety of things.  They make remarks about their co-workers clothes, shoes, hair, and overall appearance.  The criticize their food choices particularly if they bring their own food.  I have never been a person to eat take away at the office.  I always brought my lunch.  I really didn’t care what others thought.  While they are so busy passing judgment, they were neglecting their work.  I saw a cute story about a set of twins.  One twin was quite popular and had her own group.  Her sister was quiet and shy.  The popular twin and her friends continually would pass judgment on the shy sister.  They made fun of her clothes and one day even threw a tomato at her dress.  Their mom had passed and the dad heard the two girls arguing one day as the popular twin and her friends had cut up the quiet girl’s dress that she had made for prom.  He said it was about time they knew the real score.  The shy twin was born healthy and vibrant.  The popular twin was failing.  The doctors said there was nothing they could do but a nurse had a better idea.  She put the healthy twin in with her and before long she began to thrive as well.  The dad said, “So you see, your sister saved your life.” After that the popular twin realized the value of her sister.  The next day they went to school together and no one was allowed to pass judgment, criticize or do anything negative to her sister.  A valuable lesson.  Always appreciate people and never pass judgment on anyone.  You could someday be in their shoes.  In the Good Gus series no one was allowed to criticize anyone.  It would have been negative reading and a bad example. The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is full of characters who thought nothing of passing judgment on their benefactors or their shared heirs.  The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Work at home is the trend that will continue after the end of COVID. Already many companies have clearly stated that they like this way of solving working issues and will continue with the work at home policy.  If you think about it, it may be better for a variety of ways.  The companies save on utilities, office supplies, snacks and water, plus if possible, they are reducing their rent.  Many companies are moving in the United States to other states with less taxes both corporate and personal.  The benefits the companies achieve  are almost endless.  In addition, less traffic means lower pollution, no traffic jams, no commuting, and possibly lower insurance rates because people aren’t driving.  Many companies expect their employees to work the standard hours, just not in their facility.  Many of the rules still apply but people are working in sleep pants, slippers, and not spending money on dry cleaning, new clothes, lunches outside of home,  much less gas and more.  The savings may even be close to one hundred dollars or eighty-two Euro.  I have worked at home for a number of years and prefer it.  I have never been regulated about times, breaks, etc., but I still get ready and dress every day as if I was heading out to work.  Old habits die hard!  In the Good Gus series, Pecos was a small town at the time.  Everyone had shops on Main Street, and the remaining citizens had cattle ranches just outside of town.  In the second Christmas book, “The Pageant,” Pecos’s newest business will be a grocery. In the Good Gus series, work at home was a way of life for many of the businesses because their homes were attached to the shops.  Of course, ranches always have home workers. The series is online Kindle and a few books on Nook and Waterstones. “Misplaced Trust” has many characters that believed work at home meant no work at all.  The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

Have you ever noticed that people dress as if they are saying, “Please oh please notice me? Recently Kylie Jenner attended a wedding and wore an inappropriate dress.The bride should be the center of attention.  Was she so desperate to be noticed that she wore that outfit? Anyone who saw the picture must have thought she was crying out for people to ‘please notice me.’ She is wealthy, always in the media, and never makes a move without being noticed.  So why was it so necessary to upstage the bride on her important day?  It sounds crazy but even at the gym, which is filled primarily with people trying to reduce their weight, that both women and men wear tight clothing, or skimpy clothing just in the hopes that their inner wishes of please notice me will be fulfilled. Frankly, the gym population is primarily sweaty people in old looking clothes.  They never care if anyone pays attention to them because they are there for one reason – to get into shape.  When we were young and in high school, we all wore the latest fashions just to be noticed.  One time for my daughter’s birthday, we took her to Hollywood.  We went to one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants, Spago.  We were nicely dressed for the occasion.  The waiter who was assigned to us wouldn’t serve us.  After fifteen minutes a waitress came to our table and said she would assist us.  When we asked why, she replied that the didn’t want to wait on us.  I later discovered that we didn’t dress to ‘please notice me’ and not in the most up to the minute fashion.  It was too bad because as a family we are good tippers.  My late aunt tipped everyone including maintenance people.  In the Good Gus series, there were a few cowboys who did dress to give themselves a trademark.  The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  Hard copies are available at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

protection-coffeechristmas-truck Why is it that when anyone says to us that they are doing something for our protection that we find it impossible to believe?  You can be almost anywhere and you will hear that phrase.  For example, you made a purchase and when you arrived home, it was the wrong product, the wrong size, or it was defective.  Somewhere along in your travels you lost the receipt.  The store has a rewards program and you told them the day of the purchase and your number.  Yet, magically, for your protection, they will not accept your return without the receipt.  Clearly the clerk can see the date, time, and item purchased, but it doesn’t matter.  Is it possible that they really don’t want returns and don’t care if the customer wastes their money?  If it has ever happened to you, I urge you to never shop at that store and let all your friends and family know.  In various industries, there are individuals who seem drunk with power.  Because they can say no, refuse anything, or make a person go through a great deal of time effort and expense to solve a problem, they still find it pleasurable to say no and add on “But it’s for your protection.”  Seriously, who are they kidding?  How is returning a dress or pants that is an exclusive item at a store an unreasonable request?  Let’s take a look at the airline industry.  Everything they say is followed by, “It’s for your protection.”  It would be more helpful to tell us what they really want, stop saying no, give us the chance to solve an issue, etc.  For example, one time my son and I arrived at the gate for a flight and yet all the doors were closed fifteen minutes early.  It was a large airport and the parking was miserable.  We rushed through security and literally ran to the gate.  When we asked why was it closed early, the employee’s response was “It was for your protection.”  My immediate question was, “From what?”  Needless to say, there was no reply or real answer.  They did, however, place us on another flight that did not close its doors early for their customers.  As we were already there, we were in line for immediate boarding.  I imagine the next time you hear those fabulous words, you will think twice and probably ask why.  In the Good Gus Series, there was none of the protection phraseology.  Sheriff Gus did look after the town and surrounding areas without violence or weapons.  Ideal examples for the young readers.  The series including the Christmas book, “The Special Gift”  which is available exclusively on Kindle worldwide.  If you are a beneficiary to a will or trust and you have been told that you are cannot receive  copies of any of the paperwork for your protection, besides demanding it as it is your right, consider reading “Misplaced Trust” which may give you the answers you are seeking.  It is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple and several other popular e-book websites.

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