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Old West Movies

Good Gus Books, Children Books, CowboysThe old west movies whether from the black and white era to the newer color film era have one thing in common, a hero. Whether you watch an old time old west movie or the newer versions, they all have some sort of violence or tragedy. Most of the stories have the bad guys shooting innocents or the good guys. They also include robbery with a gun, attacks by Indians with bows and arrows, other bandits with weapons, or people in extreme danger. Sometimes I watch the old west movies or television shows to get a better understanding of the times. Sometimes, however, my ideas come from innocuous television shows, a radio show or even reading a book which has absolutely nothing to do with the old west or that era. For example, the idea to write a story about bucking bulls came to me one day when my son, home from college for lunch, had switched on the Professional Bull Riding tournaments. Watching the cowboys hold on to the saddle horn for a minimum of eight seconds to earn a score made me realize how difficult riding a bull was and what a great story line it would be for my two characters Johnny and Jimmy Ray. As any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle knows, children are very curious. Even when told not to do something, they find a way to do it anyways.  This is what the two boys do which ends up in a little bit of trouble.  Naturally, there are more than one hero such as Sheriff Gus, the rodeo clowns, the ring master and even Johnny.  I hope you will consider looking at “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull” for your children as its an exciting story with a lesson and happy ending.