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Compassion and Kindness

399669_599149516763275_2012806251_n-2298229_599137270097833_880461054_nCompassion and kindness, in my opinion go hand in hand. Generally, if a person is kind they are also compassionate. A former classmate from my high school posted a short video on Facebook. It showed a beautiful horse and a little boy with Williams Disease. I had never heard of Williams Disease so I looked it up. Of course, as I watched the video I never even noticed some of the facial characteristics of the disease on the little boy’s face. I was focused on the horse who without any prompting was showing compassion and kindness towards the little boy. The horse even went so far as to walk up to the boy slowly, to show him affection. It was a wonderful one minute. I have mentioned this type of behavior previously in one of my past blogs focusing  indirectly on the inner workings of the horse’s brain. In the Good Gus Series horses are main characters. Many of the  human characters’ horses are named and  portrayed as caring animals. Compassion and kindness is important in all of  our lives. People perform small acts of kindness every day and its probably not even noticed by the recipient of the act.  In all my books, in one way or another, compassion and kindness are part of the story line and the everyday lives of the people in Pecos, Texas.  Even the simple act of holding a door for someone going into or leaving a shop makes both the giver and receiver have a nice feeling.  Sometimes I think life would be easier if everyone was kind to whom ever they encounter in their daily lives.  I hope, as you read the brief description of one of the Good Gus Series books, it will entice you to read the entire series to a child in your life.