Bad Bart, Good Gus Books, Children BooksOur lives are all about sales. From the time we awake until we go to sleep, we are in sales. I am not talking about people whose career is sales. I am discussing every day life. When we meet people and we present ourselves, we are in sales. We are selling ourselves to the other person in a friendly way. It has nothing to do with money. Naturally, every where we go, there are people trying to sell us things. When we watch television or look up items on the internet, we are bombarded with sales but that’s just for money. We sell ourselves when we interview for a job, or when we meet a person we may want to date. We put our best foot forward in an effort for the other person to like us. Its basically a form of sales. Over the years I have heard people put down sales people. Many companies don’t consider the sales force their most valuable employees. That’s sad because without sales, and the people who work hard to sell the company’s products, there would be no company as there would be no cash flow from the sales of their product or products. At one time I was the President of a contract engineering firm. When a person would apply for a job, one of the first group of words from their mouths were, “I don’t want to be in sales.” I found that sad as many times even as a receptionist, you are in sales as you are selling a positive image of the company.  In “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” Sheriff Gus sells Bart the idea that his new invention, a chocolate sundae with sprinkles is better than plain chocolate ice cream.  He took a negative situation, and turned it around with the simple technique of sales.  During these negative days with shootings at public schools, I hope you will review the positive books in the Good Gus Series.