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Good Gus Series Characters


Discussing the Good Gus Series Characters

When I was in Ireland, I read to two classes at St. Patrick’s School in Donabate. They enjoyed my first book, from the Good Gus Series,  “Pecos Meets Bad Bart,” However, what they really loved was my hat and questioning me. I naturally loved the questions. It was an all girls class and they asked very interesting questions. Of course, they asked about my clothes, boots and hat. They also asked how I came up with the idea for stories. I told them that since writing is an important part of their classes, that they needed to look around and simply observe their every day life. I gave them an example of how I developed a story that included an elephant. In one week, I saw about ten commercials about African elephants. The baby elephants were so cute I knew I had to write a story, “Toby Escapes.”  I then told them about another book I wrote because of the same commercials entitled, “Really there are no Giraffes in Pecos.” They also asked me about the Good Gus Series characters and were any of them people in real life. I told them most of the characters were family, friends,  and acquaintances, etc. I said that many of the characters had special  reoccurring roles in the books because they were special people in my life. When it was time to read to a second class, several of the girls hugged me and asked me to return soon. When you are thinking of reading to your children, please check out the Good Gus Series.


Reading At St. Patrick’s School

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