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Sheriff Gus


Sheriff Gus


Sheriff Gus Riding to check on the Families outside of Pecos, Texas.

Sheriff Gus is always with me wherever I go. Today as I walking through the mall with my daughter and wheeling my five month old granddaughter in her buggy, I noticed a little boy in a double stroller with his brother. One boy was about one and one half years old and the other  looked to be about four. The four year old was not happy sitting in his stroller. His brother looked on with interest. The four year old was complaining and wanted out of the stroller. As I approached he looked up at me and started to smile and stopped complaining. He knew I was walking a baby but he couldn’t see it. He straightened up in his seat and tried to see if he could see my granddaughter. I moved in his direction and asked if he could see the baby now. He craned his neck to try and look at her. The mum was on the phone and looked exasperated. The boy continued to smile at me so I told his mum that I wrote children’s stories and asked if I could give him a Sheriff Gus sticker. She said, “Absolutely!” As I handed him a sticker he smiled a beautiful smile that would light anyone’s day including mine. I asked him if he liked cowboys and he answered an enthusiastic yes. His mum smiled gratefully at me and said thank you.  My daughter is accustomed to children reacting this way.  As we walked along, another woman caught up to us and asked me who I was.  I explained that I wrote a series ab0ut Sheriff Gus, in Pecos, Texas. I told her that there weren’t many series in the four to eight year old range that were set in the old west and had new characters as the series progressed.  She loved the idea that the stories didn’t contain fairies, monsters, magic, or any type of violence.   She went on to say that she thought I was like Santa Claus for children.  I asked her if she had any grandchildren and gave her a few Sheriff Gus stickers to take home to them. When my daughter and I finished at the mall, we started walking back to her car.  We passed the little boy and the second he saw us he yelled a very loud happy hello.  We both smiled and said hello to him. If you are interested in stories that promote friendship, reading and lending a help hand, please check out the Good Gus Series.

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