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Boycotting is back.  Now, because of the war between Hamas and Israel people are boycotting restaurants, shops, events and more. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, if one person doesn’t like another’s thoughts and they are expressed in a public manner, then it begins with no longer frequenting a business or event.  War is a terrible event yet it has been going on for centuries with only brief respites.  I can understand boycotting a specific business because they do not pay a fair wage.  For example, many of the sneaker companies employ individuals in third world countries to manufacture their products.  What I find disturbing is that they make millions yet will not even pay the daily minimum wage of the country.  They should pay a much fairer wage rather than be so greedy. This is also true in many states in the United States for the waiter and waitresses. Their minimum wage is astronomically low. In Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and so many more, the actual amount they receive is below three dollars and in Euros it is 3.18.  Just because a person is tipped doesn’t mean they  come close to a minimum wage. In both Europe and several states in America, there are states that do pay minimum wage.  Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize it because if they did, they would either tip more or boycott those businesses. Not only does the sneaker industry pay an unfair wage, the clothing industry is also guilty of this injustice.  It is amazing that so many businesses utilize third world duplicating of clothing not only to make a much higher profit but they also keep their country men and women out of jobs. It is said that being fair is non existent.  My late girlfriend’s father boycott in the 1950’s and 1960’s as he had been in World War II.  As children we were forbidden to buy products from specific countries.  How do you feel about boycotting? The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website www.goodgusbooks.com along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Now available audio and videos for the Good Gus series on YouTube! Digitizing for all the books are available now on YouTube! “Misplaced Trust” is now available on Amazon in e-book form. It is also available digitally at www.misplacedtrustbook.com. If you are thinking of a Will or a Living Trust, “Misplaced Trust” will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Please check me out on IHeart radio. “The Special Gift” is now available at the Morgan Mill Mail/UPS.

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