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Suddenly there is a great deal of publicity about teachers.  What is worse is that it is not good.  Many of the teachers are being accused of harming children and teens in a very bad way.  I do not understand this at all.  The women are setting their sights on young men.  Where are their morals and ethics? I could understand if there was a single article once in a while but they are appearing on a daily basis.  Apparently, they are selecting young males who are suffering from a lack of attention. To the best of my knowledge this did not occur when I was in school. If anything there was gossip about any attractive teachers seeking out each other teachers and the principal. Where is the world failing?  For the most part teachers work very hard.  They love their profession and often go overboard to make sure that all children have a good chance at learning and success in the future.  Look at the “Ron Clark Story.” He wanted the worst classes and students that no one was interested in teaching.  Then he worked hard to help his students learn and turn their lives around into the possibility of true success.  How many teachers do you know do that?  I do know a teacher who has to tolerate very difficult children.  She works everyday to try to turn them around and help them with their emotional problems.  If you think that she is a teacher in the big city, she isn’t. She lives in a small rural area in Vermont. I am proud to be related to her.  If you think back on your teachers, how many did you really like?  I had many whom I found harsh and difficult to learn from on a daily basis.  Then there were the teachers who made everything interesting.  Those were mine and probably your favorites.  What are your thoughts? The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website www.goodgusbooks.com along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Now on YouTube,  audio and videos for the Good Gus series! Digitizing for all the books are available now!  “Misplaced Trust” is now available on Amazon in e-book form. It is also available digitally at www.misplacedtrustbook.com. If you are thinking of a Will or a Living Trust, “Misplaced Trust” will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. “The Special Gift is now available at the Morgan Mill Mail/UPS. Please check out IHeart Radio for “Misplaced Trust.”

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