rude driverHow often do you encounter people who are rude? Today, as I was walking my granddaughter across a car park, a man in a Chevy avalanche simply wouldn’t let me continue. He sped up as I was crossing to beat me. I am sure his mother would have been really proud of his behavior. When you are driving, the road rage people display and their rude comments are unnecessary.  What makes their time more valuable than yours that they have to cut in front of you, cut you off, jump a light, or honk at you to speed up when you are doing the speed limit? Have you even telephoned a company and been transferred five or six times and spoken to rude people at least three or four times? Its really discouraging when you are trying to solve a problem when the person at the other end of the line is just plain rude. I have noticed almost on a daily basis that people make rude comments and consider it appropriate. What happened to good old fashioned manners? When I was out today at a shopping mall, I was pushing my granddaughter in her buggy through an electric door. As I passed through three boys walked in and immediately veered to their right so I could use the second electric door. That was very heartwarming. Their parents would be proud. There are also shows on the television or even in movies where rude comments are commonplace. Why? It doesn’t really add to the script and they usually aren’t funny. When people are rude, I either stop the conversation or walk away. I don’t want to get involved with that type of rhetoric.  Tthen there are the people at the gym who think they should sit on any machine, play on their phone and then give it up when they feel like it.  Its very rude behavior and a complete lack of consideration for others. I once saw a woman be rude to a sales clerk and then walk out of the store leaving the girl crying. The sales girl was trying her best, but this woman couldn’t be satisfied. One of the men in line told the rude woman that she shouldn’t have spoken that way to the girl and she gave him a dirty look along with another rude comment. All the customers felt really bad for the sales girl and told her she shouldn’t feel so sad that the rude woman was just too nasty.  The only rude person in the Good Gus Series is Bad Bart, from book one, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart.”  In the end, he is put in his place.