Tips about Bullying

Bullying – Pecos Meets Bad Bart

13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150Now that school is in session in some areas, and starting soon in others, bullying will once again raise its ugly head. Its very difficult for children to stand up to a bully as their fears override their thinking. The worst thing about bullies is that they grow up and bully as adults. Have you ever noticed that in business, sometimes in shops, or even some sales people use the threatening tactic to make you buy a product, intimidate you so you can’t return an item, etc. In my book “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” it takes a brave Sheriff Gus to stand up to Bad Bart. He in turn gave courage to the whole town so they wouldn’t be afraid of Bad Bart. It really is time that both adults and children stop bullying.

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