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father_amp_son_ultimo_and_czar_203169bbb5e3c9-d1f9-4f11-9712-c807684ac705-largeA famous saying is “Dogs are man’s best friend.” Most people love dogs, particularly the friendly ones. There are dogs who growl and appear mean. Some even act as if they would bite you if they had the chance. When I was a girl I had a Cocker Spaniel, Smokey. He died from eating a neighbor’s garbage, or at least that was what I was told.  He was a great dog and went everywhere with me and played with all the neighborhood children. When I was an adult I had two Doberman Pincers. They were wonderful dogs who again followed me everywhere and played with the real J.C. and the real Bob from the sweet shop in “Pecos Meets Bad Bart.” These two dogs were the friends of all the children in the neighborhood. Both dogs led happy lives. When my two children lost the female Doberman, the real Mary from Mary’s Cafe’ and the real Glenn known as the Rev. Glenn lent them their golden retriever, Nike. He was also an excellent dog but the best part about him was I never had to feed him, clean up after him or take him to the Vet. All in all a fabulous situation for me. One day as I was reading a book, it occurred to me that dogs appear in books as an adjunct to the story line. I decided to write a book about dogs. I called it “Are Dogs Really your Friend?” Many of my viewers when I had a radio show, loved this story. In the book, the twins, J.C. and Bronco find a dog who appears to be sick. Actually, it was a female golden retriever about to give birth. Naturally all the children characters wanted a puppy. It worked out perfectly that all the main characters managed to convince their parent or parents to let them have a dog. In the book, “Are Dogs Really your Friend?” Frankie is towing his dog Squeaky into Pecos to see his cousin Liam. Ray, Liam’s Dad and Frankie’s Uncle,  had built a small trailer that was light enough for Frankie’s horse, Blackie to tow Squeaky. On his way into town, something happens and little Squeaky really proves that dogs truly are our friend. When you are thinking about teaching your children to appreciate the value of animals please consider one of the books from the Good Gus Series.

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