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clip_art_illustration_of_a_red_schoolhouse_0071-0907-2808-3127_SMUWhen we think of teaching our minds immediately go to school teachers, college and university professors. We may think of special seminars or conferences which teach people about businesses,  new programs or systems. Many people attend seminars for their work, to improve their lives and to learn about new things. Teaching, however, is not just for school teachers or professors. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even guardians we teach every day. We teach babies how to eat, toddlers how to dress and speak, and as children grow we are the teachers who help them through school, how to play sports, board games, and through our examples how to build friendships and relationships. Its important as the teaching force in any child’s life that we also teach them how to take care of themselves such as cooking, how to use a vacuum,  do laundry,  sew, etc.  Many young adults go off to college or trade school completely unprepared. Another important part of teaching our children preparedness for life is the management of money.  I home schooled my son and he learned how to balance a check book in the eighth grade.  Many people today still don’t understand that concept.  In the old west everyone was a teacher.  In Pecos, Miss Patty was the school teacher, but everyone else in town were teachers as well.  Ray, Sheriff Gus and Judge Ross taught children the importance and best ways to treat horses, take care of  and feed them.  Joe Kelly, in “Girls Rule” taught Heather and Haley how to not only ride better but to win a race.  So favorite teachers everywhere, please consider the Good Gus Series as a wonderful tool to your repertoire.

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