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Video Games

When I was young no one could have possibly have guessed that adults would be so engrossed in video games.  I find it amazing. It’s not only men but also women. There was an episode on “The Big Bang Theory” in which Penny became addicted to playing video games.  Finally, they had to do an intervention. She had not showered in days. There were dirty dishes all over the kitchen and coffee table and the place was a mess. I know a man in his mid forties who rather than have a date with his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve whoplayed video games with his male friends. He told her she could come over to his friend’s house and socialize with his wife.  The girlfriend declined for obvious reasons. It is almost as if the video games are replacing reading. As long as a person has an internet connection they are good to go. Women are breaking off their relatonships with men who are constatly playing video games.  How can you have a meaningful conversation if a person is glued to the screen? I am sure it improves dexterity to a point and they probably improve their logic skills, but is that really enough? Reading a good book or even watching or going to a movie has to be far more interesting. I have never tried to play a video games. I do play online scrabble with a friend but that is all.  Is it possible that video games are just a distraction to everyday real life? It may be a form of escape.  Many of the games are violent so I am not sure it is a stress reliever, what do you think? The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website www.goodgusbooks.com along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Now available audio and videos for the Good Gus series on YouTube! Digitizing for all the books are available now on YouTube! “Misplaced Trust” is now available on Amazon in e-book form. It is also available digitally at www.misplacedtrustbook.com. If you are thinking of a Will or a Living Trust, “Misplaced Trust” will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Please check me out on IHeart radio. The Good Gus series, books one through four, are now available at the Morgan Mill Mail/UPS. I am about to be on Shopify, Instagram and Tic Tok!

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