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Everyone Has Secrets

Everyone has secrets. I saw an article today on this very topic.  Of course we all do.  We are humans who make mistakes.  What I dislike is that families that discover secrets which were none of their business use them as blackmail against their relatives.  You never think about it in that nature but that is exactly what it is.  Most of the time blackmail is in TV shows in crime dramas. Often the blackmailer is caught and ends up in jail. In many of the shows the secrets are held over another person.  They use this to force them to do their will, give them money,  and more.  Children do it quite frequently as they threatened to tattle to their parents of their sibling will not comply with their wishes.  It could be anything that the parents will punish the child for but more importantly the sibling will use it against them until their brother or sister give up.  If a child starts out with that type of behavorior what type of person will they be when they grow up?  We all learned a number of forms of behavior growing up. How we utiilized them was an entirely different matter.  There are also children who grew up loved, treated well who still turn to the wrong side.  What does the parent do then? I have seen it countless times on Facebook.  Our secrets belong to us whether big or small.  No one should be forced to reveal anything.  Not to mention our privacy should not be invated.  Going into a siblings belongings or even a parent’s if they are not at home is completely wrong.  Most people would not want that to happen to them yet they do it to others. What iit all really comes down to is respect and not trying to find out secrets, don’t you agree? The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website www.goodgusbooks.com along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Now available audio and videos for the Good Gus series on YouTube! Digitizing for all the books are available now on YouTube! “Misplaced Trust” is now available on Amazon in e-book form. It is also available digitally at www.misplacedtrustbook.com. If you are thinking of a Will or a Living Trust, “Misplaced Trust” will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Please check me out on IHeart radio. “The Special Gift” is now available at the Morgan Mill Mail/UPS.Coming soon Shopify!!

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