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Music Lessons

keys_piano_old_214043When many of us were younger, we all took some type of music lessons. It could have been the piano, the trombone, the violin or even the flute. I had piano and dance lessons. I liked the piano but never finished due to lack of money. I was forced to take ballet which I really hated. I used to hide to avoid the class. I did take tap which I loved but again lack of money ended the lessons. When I had my own children I naturally decided they should have lessons. Both my son and daughter took piano. It wasn’t long before the piano teacher told me to try another instrument for my son. My daughter did very well and even had piano recitals. She had a wonderful teacher who came to our home and taught all the children in our area. At recital time, all the children were dressed in their very best clothes and had practiced to give a perfect performance. If a child was nervous or started to play and forgot the tune, the teacher immediately started applauding so the child wouldn’t feel embarrassed. It was one of the nicest gestures. We all want our children to appreciate art and music and hopefully develop some culture.  Mary, from Mary’s Cafe’, also lived in a small town.  She had two girls and her primary doctor was a doctor from Germany who practiced homeopathy.  He was an excellent doctor.  One day Mary told me a story about the doctor’s children.  They had two sons.  One son took piano lessons and the other son didn’t want to learn an instrument.  When they reached high school, the son who played the piano had less frustrations with the teenage years than the one who didn’t play an instrument.  The doctor’s wife said that some days when the musical son came home from a particularly rough day at school, he would sit down and play the piano.  At first he pounded the keys, but eventually his anger softened and then he would play beautifully.  She always felt that music of any type soothed the soul.  I saw with my own daughter so I knew she was right. In the old west there was no time for music lessons,. The children had to help with all the daily chores and attend school. There were no organized sports or special activities. The best activity was reading and when Pecos built “The New Library” which is one of the Good Gus Series books, it was special to everyone in the town.  The Good Gus Series offers stories about imaginary people who appear to be real but from another time period.  I hope you will browse the current books available.

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