lunchsmall child homelss There are people who waste and use that word to describe other people. Many individuals feel that everyone on the planet is very wasteful. That may or may not be true. I have seen a variety of shows where people have recycled everything, use solar for heating, and really try to do their best to minimize what they consider waste. In many countries, food is wasted when there could be better ways to utilize it for those in need who are hungry. Hunger around the world is a global concern and could be addressed in different ways other than throwing money at the problem. Many volunteers and organizations teach people in starving nations how to grow and cultivate crops. This gives them a chance to be in charge of their own lives and take care of their families. In the workplace, there is considerable waste. The waste of paper has improved with emails, but there are still a large number of reports that continue to be printed rather than using email to brief the staff. There are also people who refer to other individuals as human waste products. They consider these people to be useless and a detriment to the planet. I heard those words recently and was shocked by them. Everyone has a value, but this person considers anyone who doesn’t conform to his beliefs to be a waste and should not exist. Those are strong words but no matter what you may say to this man, he will not change his attitude about certain individuals and uses that term liberally. I can certainly understand disliking a person because you may have a strong work ethic and you consider another person to be lazy. However, if they are trying who are you to judge the other person? Everyone has preconceived ideas, thoughts, standards, etc. that they were raised with, learned, developed by experience or decided for themselves. The type of person that has that thinking is negative and if anyone is like that in your life, I suggest you walk away from him or her.  Their negativity will rub off on you and won’t allow the positive to flow through.