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The Old TV Shows

The old TV shows still make me happy when I watch them. My daughter gave me Hulu and I enjoy finding and watching the shows. Mostly I look for family style shows.  I like the interaction between the family members. For me they are not repeats which is nice. The shows were during a simpler time without technology. Many of the episodes illustrate  people reading which is something rarely seen in today’s TV shows. Many of the shows and the commercials for new programs or the current ones, mainly display people playing with their phones, including children. Have you ever noticed when you walk through the large discount or even regular grocery stores that the children have electronic devices? They are playing with them while their parent or parents shop. Once this year I saw a little girl riding in her mum’s trolley reading a book. The little girl saw me and smiled so, naturally, I had to stop and say hello. I told the mother it was rare to see a child read and she said she preferred her daughter read from a book. That was a surprising statement for today’s families. Have you noticed that even families waiting to eat at a restaurant particularly on a busy week-end, have given their children an electronic tablet or gaming device to keep them occupied? What happened to good old fashioned conversation? The old TV shows always had some type of situation or crisis but they were less complicated than today’s TV and always were resolved in an simplified way.  I think the old TV shows gave the viewers the gift of reading and participating as a family to resolve problems or issues.  Possibly the adults and children who buy my books and love my stories like the plots as they are always resolved in a positive way.  When you consider reading a book to a child or children in your life, I hope you will choose one from the Good Gus Series. 1392075_688240171187542_1083396915_n

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