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Fitting In

483670_588701831141377_849117460_n13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150Fitting in isn’t always easy whether you are a child or an adult. Children always find it complicated. When they are young, they don’t really notice if their clothes are in style, fit properly, or they have the latest and greatest electronics. When they begin to realize it, life as a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle sometimes becomes difficult. If Mum or Dad say no to the latest and greatest of anything, then the children reach out to grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone who will give them what they want. Occasionally, the child or children will make everyone’s life miserable if they don’t get want they want. They also use the guilt tactic to force the adult to give them whatever it is the most fashionable or hottest electronics. Its sad that children learn this so young. As parents, we all try to dress our children in style for fear of them not fitting in. We also try to give them anything that will help them do well in school, and boost their confidence. I was in Hollywood the year my daughter turned eighteen. She wanted a birthday to remember that significant date. I made a reservation at what I thought was a nice establishment run by a famous chef. My family and her boyfriend all arrived on time for the reservation. We waited briefly although there was hardly anyone in the dining area and we had made the unfashionable early reservation. Once we were seated we were given menus and spoke to the waiter asking a few questions. We ordered drinks and an appetizer and then the wait began. It was almost as if our waiter had disappeared. After about twenty minutes a waitress appeared and asked for our order. We explained that it was given to the other gentleman. She apologized and then took our order. She told us she would be our server for the rest of the evening. She was very nice and we gave her a really generous tip. When I returned to San Diego I mentioned it to my neighbor. She said we didn’t fit in. We weren’t wearing the latest fashions and the waiter didn’t want to serve us. She said it happened all the time which was why she no longer lived in tinsel town. When I wrote all the stories for the Good Gus Series I made a point of never having anyone appear in fancy “city” clothes. I insured that when the illustrators had presented their drawings, that all the characters were dressed in the clothes of the old west. As you pursue  the Good Gus Series, I hope you will notice that everyone in the series fits in.

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