trading placesloyaltyThe question of loyalty comes up primarily with a person’s feeling about their country. However, there are many other types of loyalty. If you look at World War II, many of the Germans expressed their loyalty to Hitler. If they didn’t remain faithful, they were killed. If they discovered they made a mistake, again, same fate. Even in today’s world, loyalty to country is extremely important. However, since we are a mobile society, individuals often have loyalty to more than one country. Loyalty to an employer is almost mandatory. The industry doesn’t matter as industrial spies are everywhere. Each company competes in their own market share and having the best product each season is important. It determines their profits or their losses.  A real friend  will demonstrate their loyalty in times of crisis.  That is when you know they are real and will help you when times are difficult.  The so-called friends, once you have a problem, will disappear like a a magic trick.  In the old movie, “Trading Places,” Dan Aykroyd, went from being wealthy, to broke.  His so called friends wouldn’t giver him the time of day.  They all had plenty of money as well, but absolutely no loyalty.  They were basically friends of circumstance. Once the circumstances changed, they wouldn’t help him and wanted no part of him.  The same applied to Eddie Murphy’s character except in a different way.  When he went to the local bar hang out and spread money around, no on wanted anything to do with him.  They felt he had somehow bettered himself and didn’t want to associate with him.  Even though he arrived in a chauffeured Rolls Royce, it didn’t matter.  The so-called friends felt he was being disloyal to them.  Loyalty in a marriage or partnership is essential.  Without it, how can you trust the other person?  The loyalty extends beyond the relationship particularly if children are involved.  If one of the people cheats on the other one, it affects the overall relationship and the children.  What is worse is if the person is caught, then the fighting and arguing is bad in front of the children.  If either side decides to end the relationship, then there is the subtle snide comments by both sides.  Rarely, does anyone not make the remarks.  They want anyone they know as well as their children, that they were wronged and treated unfairly.  Sometimes the friends chose one or the other and that changes the social picture.  The loyalty from the children to both their parents can be affected as well. If the heirs of an estate are questioning your loyalty, please visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It will give you a better understanding of how things work.