original-mind-mappersonal-identity-purple-3166486 How an individual perceives their  their personal identity is completely different that how the world sees them. Many people spend a great deal of time trying to figure out who they are. As children, it was our primary subconscious goal to find out who we really were and going to be in the future. For some people, this lasts a life time. For others, they know from a very young age. There are countless movies and TV shows that deal with the struggle of personal identity. Numerous themes suggest that if a person wishes to know their true self that a trained counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist could give them the answer. This was very popular in the 1950’s where women, primarily housewives, would go to therapy to find their answers as to their true personal  identity. The end result, sadly, were that most were prescribed drugs and told to accept their fate of being a housewife. Please do not misunderstand me. I see nothing wrong with being a housewife. Many women aspire to be one but due to economic circumstances can’t. Many of the women from the 1950’s were college educated and wanted a family and a career. It was really frowned upon. My next door neighbor when I was growing up, had three daughters. She had attended Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Her husband, after World War II, finished college as a chemical engineer. They were a very progressive couple as he hated working as a chemical engineer and became a milkman. She worked five days a week as a librarian. One of her daughters and I loved the fact that her parents were not home week days and enjoyed ourselves.  We didn’t get into any trouble though as we were expected to behave and we did.  By the mid to late 1960’s women had more opportunities and were able to work.  The women of the 1960’s paved the way for future generations.  If a girl wanted to be an engineer, her career choice wasn’t frowned up.  There have been numerous times over my lifetime that men stayed home while the women went to work.  Initially, many women struggled with their personal identity as they had been programmed to be at home with their families.  However,the reality of many families’ situations was that the women were able to find work while the men could not.  That may be where the movie “Mr. Mom” was invented. Now there are TV shows from various locations in the United States that have the word housewives in them.  Often people have referred their journey as finding one’s self.  In the Good Gus Series, there are no personal identity crisis.  Everyone knows who they are and either achieve it or work towards it.