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Newspapers existed for many decades.  There are still a few available  in paper form  but now people read the news on the internet.  When I was young and even as a young adult I loved to read the newspapers on Sunday.  They had the comics, the ‘Parade’ magazine and even coupons.  It was a time when the family sat around, often ate breakfast together and spent quality time with each other.  We would talk about what we read and laugh at the comics.  Of course, everyone loved Dear Abby as she had a column giving advice and answering questions. In one of the old “Brady Bunch’  TV shows, the whole family has a problem because of ‘Dear Libby.’ They all read the newspaper in various sections including Alice the housekeeper. One day, the oldest girl, Marsha, was reading the advice column to her two sisters when she suddenly changed the topic and handed them the comics.  She hid one page of the paper and went quietly downstairs where without her parents knowledge she removed that page from their paper.  When they suddenly discovered it was missing she volunteered to go to the store for another one.  The dad wouldn’t let her leave without the oldest boy, Greg.  He was not thrilled as he was missing the ending of a TV show. However, once outside Marsha showed him the column and he felt there was a problem. A person had written to ‘Dear Libby’ worried as she had three children and married a man with three children.  The kids were sure it was one of their parents.  From that point forward they spoke to their siblings and began a campaign of behaving and doing chores.  The parents, along with Alice, could not figure out what was happening.  Finally, Alice forced Greg and Marsha to tell her and then she made them tell the parents.  Within a day a woman knocked on the front door and introduced herself.  Once she said she was ‘Dear Libby’ everyone disappeared.  She told the parents she had received seven letters from their address.  As she rattled off the names each child and Alice appeared.  She quickly explained that the letter was from a person who lived over two thousand miles away. Of course, in the Good Gus series, Charlie ran the newspaper.  It only was issued once a week but everyone liked it. The Good Gus Series is available online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones. Hard copies, personally autographed, are available through our website along with past blogs for your reading enjoyment. Digitizing for all the books are available now!  Books one and two are now available on the Tractor Supply website. “Misplaced Trust” will be available this month.

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