self disciplineself discipline 2Not everyone has self-discipline. Its not always easy to achieve. If it was people would be able to quite smoking, lose weight, not be obsessed with electronics or the latest and greatest. In the military, the men and women are taught self-discipline even if they already had it. It gives them the ability to handle the situations they are faced without falling apart. Teaching children self discipline is difficult. They are children and they don’t want to do homework, clean their room, make their bed or help at meal times. Sometimes I think structure is a form of self-discipline. It teaches children that life goes a certain way and that if they practice self-discipline their life will move along much smoother. There is a show on the television in the United States entitled “Hoarders.” I have seen the commercials but never really watched it. The people they film have absolutely no self-discipline. If they did their homes and properties wouldn’t be filled with all types of items. I saw a commercial once where it was so bad that there were dead animals in the piles of rubbish inside the person’s home. People who have a difficult time achieving self-discipline sometimes make lists and keep notes around their home so they can teach themselves how to reach their desired goals.  People who work at home have great self-discipline as there can be so many distractions. Athletes have excellent self-discipline.   Not everyone in the Good Gus Series has self-discipline. The men who participated in the first rodeo in Pecos, Texas learned self-discipline. Particularly, the young children who feel they can do things even though they are supposed to be finishing their chores or doing homework.  I hope as you consider different styles of books for the child or children in your life, you will consider a book from the Good Gus Series.