601367_688240304520862_992524005_nWhat is normal? There are perceptions of normal that we are given, but are they real? The TV, movies and even books present a lovely picture of normal. If its a family, everyone gets along, there is no fighting and the parents are perfect. Even as a child, all the books I read presented the picture perfect life. The children always had a dog, too. The mum stayed at home and the dad went to work every day. They had family outings and events and wonderful trips together. There were grandparents who were doting and loving. Some of us had that type of life, but the majority didn’t. Even in this day and age, parents both have to work; there aren’t always grandparents; families can’t always go on holiday, and don’t live the perfect existence. Families argue, money is tight sometimes, and things go wrong. It doesn’t mean that the families are not normal. Defining normal is difficult. The world is changing and so are families. Some families have two parents, and some only have one. There are so many children without parents in the world today, that adoption helps make new families. I think normal is whatever you think it is. As parents, we have constantly heard that children need a schedule and discipline. However, what type of schedule and how much discipline? When I was young home schooling was unheard of. When my children were moving into junior high and high school, I began home schooling them. Even back then, everything was changing. Bullying was all too common and it happened to both my daughter and son. Home schooling turned out to be the best option. I was always affiliated with a private school. My daughter graduated high school with a diploma from home schooling. My son attended his final year of high school with his friends. He breezed through it on the honor roll. Now, the public schools allow you to be affiliated with them as a home schooled person. The costs are minimal through the public schools. This is part of normal today. The children still have the opportunity to socialize but work at their own pace.  In the Good Gus Series there is a one room school house.  Miss Patty is the teacher and all the children work together to help each other.