We all make mistakes; as to how big they are and how we fix them is what counts. Simple small mistakes are easily fixable. It’s the big ones such as in finances, an automobile accident, or dropping a priceless article and it breaks right before our eyes. When a stock broker makes a bad investment, it becomes a huge mistake. Often times,if he or she didn’t do their homework and study the company they recommended, governments punish them for their error. As parents we make all kinds of mistakes. Sometimes we discipline for an action, when we should have let it slide. We make a big deal out of something small, and then when the really big things happen, we don’t have much left. Teenagers test the boundaries of parents. They are superior at making mistakes both accidentally and deliberately. They think they won’t get caught, that they are invincible, and then when they wreck the car, and possibly injure others as well as themselves, both the teens and the parents have a difficult time with the enormity of the mistake. Many times teens and young adults think that if they perform a stunt or some type of physical feat, they won’t be hurt. Sadly, they often end up with permanent injuries or even becoming paralyzed. How many times have you seen people think that they can out run a fire, make it through flooded waters, or get across a draw bridge before it goes up or down? If a matador or a bull rider makes a mistake, it could be deadly. Making mistakes on a CV or Resume, can lead to not landing a job. In the work place, sometimes the co-workers make mistakes and then blame others. Many times they cover their tracks, and frame a person they dislike. As adults, we try not to make mistakes and make the right decisions. Sadly, we are not always successful. Solving financial issues by paying our bills, even if its in installments is a good start to solving our mistakes. In the Good Gus Series, mistakes are made all the time. Its how the characters solve them that makes the difference.