father_amp_son_ultimo_and_czar_20316911-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeAre you ever anywhere where you hear people whining? I heard it the other day on a commercial on the TV as I was passing by it. The speaker was going off on someone whining. Children learn quickly that whining will help them achieve whatever they are seeking. If they want to watch a TV show, go outside and play without cleaning their room or picking up after themselves, whining is the answer. The parents become so frustrated that they just say yes so that the whining will stop. Even teenagers utilize whining to get what they want.  How many times have you stood in line at the bank and listened to people whine because the line was long? The tellers are doing their best as quickly as they can without making a mistake. I have even heard people make a point of whining loudly so that the tellers hear them. You can see on their faces that they become frustrated and what they really want to say is stop to the whiners. I have also heard people whining in line at the grocery. Seriously, what makes their time any more valuable than the other people in line, or the clerks? Even animals whine including dogs, and horses. I have heard dogs whining because they want something as well. It could be to go outside because no one is paying attention to them or that they want whatever food you are eating. Have you ever watched some any of the home shows where people are either looking for the perfect home for practically nothing or they are renovating?  Do you find it annoying when the prospective buyers start whining about every feature in a home that is really quite nice for the money.  I think the worst part about people whining is that it accomplishes absolutely nothing except to make the listener angry.  Friendships have been lost because of whining.  If a couple is having a difficult time and they began whining about it to their family and friends, after a while, no one wants to hear it.  I have heard families finally say to the whiner, stop the whining and either break up or do something to resolve the issues.  In the Good Gus Series, Bad Bart is a whiner.  However, Sheriff Gus solves the issue and then all the whining completely stops.