free signfreeWhen people hear the word free something goes on inside their brains. Its as if they heard the magic word. When you think of free, about the only thing that really is free is kindness, courtesy, being fair, helping one another, and love. In the 1960’s the motto of the hippie generation was free love. They are the same people who are in charge of the governments and positions of high authority today. I worked for a while with a company that eventually transferred their records to another firm and gave up their business. They had representatives that would visit their clients’ homes once a year and review their documents. When a client needed an update on their documents, the firm would do it for free. That was their sales pitch. If you purchased their product, you had free updates for life. You can imagine what happened when the company was no longer in business. The clients would call in and when they found out they had to pay for their documents they exploded. Even after explaining, that the old company was no longer in business many people were furious that they didn’t receive updates for life. There are many old saying but one is “If its free there is probably a catch.” What on earth would make those people think that any business could continue for their lifetime and give them free documents. Some of the clients were smart enough to realize that the sales pitch was unrealistic. Then, once they checked around for the prices of their updates, they came back. There are numerous ads on the TV that offer buy one get one free. The prices of many of the items are quite high and even if you average it out as two separate prices, often times its still too high. There are groceries that offer buy one get one free. Sometimes they are decent deals, other times no so much. Whenever I am looking for free pictures for my blogs, often the search engine gives me choices that clearly say free. Then when you open their websites, it is not free. Why lie? I could go on indefinitely about the word free and how it is misused, but I won’t. I am very wary now when I see the word free as its usually a scam, gimmick, or a lie.  I hope you see it too.